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Terminal for the clocking in of employees with fingerprint recognition system, different possibilities of communication, incident reports, warning messages, time balances, etc.
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  • Sensor: Optical
  • Mode: 1: 1, 1: N
  • Display: TFT Color Display
  • Via: Fingerprint, Proximity Card and Password
  • Identification time: less than a second
  • Memory: 3,000 Fingerprinting (Up to 10 fingerprints per user)
  • Events: 50,000
  • Auto-on function: the terminal comes into operation only by placing the finger on the sensor Employee Name in Display: Allows viewing in the Terminal, the Name (Alias) of the person who is clocking in, display messages or warnings to employees or show balances accumulated times the employee.
  • Different operating modes: fingerprint only, Code + Fingerprint and Password Code + Specific features FPIN-150-TFT:
    • It is able to support different communication protocols: TCP / IP or RS-232, RS-485.
    • Optional Battery 5 Hours.
    • Possibility of introducing fingerprints from the PC or through a USB device.
    • Includes USB port for downloading transfer to a flash drive or Flash Disk and supports the introduction of unlimited incidents.

STANDARD option:

Software to keep track of more comprehensive presence of employee schedules. The standard version allows you to specify the schedule that each worker should do. This information, together with the markings made by the workers, shown in a list distinguishing ourselves hours worked, computable, festive, balances, etc. Even it lets you create custom counters. By using color to identify schedules and incidents, the user can see all data of the month the employee you select, being able to distinguish the schedule that takes place every day, incidents that had, hours of input and output, accumulated times per day counters, custom signs, etc.

  • Calendars: Determines which zone corresponds to each day of the year, then may assign different schedules for each employee for a range of specific dates.
  • Schedule: Each zone corresponds to a day of work and determines how they will calculate the times and that meters will accumulate, according to the markings performing employees.
  • Schedule Automatic: The program can guess the schedule to be performed by an employee when performing the first marking the day.
  • Counters: Different types of time you want to control, such as: "Present Hours," "Computable Hours," "Missing Hours", "Overtime", "Time Theorist", etc.
  • Incidences: PresenciaPin manages vacation, own affairs, visits to doctor, diseases, etc ... both specific times within a day or full days. These may be introduced from the terminals or directly from the program itself.
  • Calculation of Compensation: This module allows us to assess the times of the different counters so that we can assign different prices to those paid overtime, hours of holidays, etc ... and the program will handle PresenciaPin total remuneration of each employee.

LITE option:

Software for a non-exhaustive presence control but designed to show the presence of an employee at a particular time. It displays the hours of entry and exit of employees and the time they have been present in the company. The PresenciaPin program allows terminals connected many as you want and make catching punches them in real time, providing an updated view of the markings made. Thanks to the intuitive interface the user can view all data of the selected employee of the month, being able to distinguish the hours of input and output of each of the days of the month.

  • Markings Editing: Intuitive interface for editing markings made by employees.
  • Present Hours: Shows the hours the employee has been present in a range of time.
  • Incidences: Allows management of incidents so that workers can specify in the terminal why they have left their jobs.
  • Reports: Availability of different configurable, such as listings, mergers with word, form reports, reports of hours of input and output reports.
  • Unlimited Employees: Although this program will make a reduced version, is not limited to a number of employees, will be able to register as many records as desired.
  • Unlimited Terminal: With this version you can install as many terminals as desired, either by direct connection, via Internet, or USB devices.
  • LITE

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