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At Reysan we are distributors of a wide catalog of industrial workwear and workwear. You can buy the best safety clothing and personalized workwear for any professional in all sectors. We work with the best workwear brands to protect our clients from the different risks and situations that can be found at work. Discover our workwear online store.

Where to buy work clothing and workwear?

In our online shop you can buy the best work clothes and workwear for professionals of any sector.

We work with the best brands of work clothes designed with the most demanding fabrics and materials to guarantee the safety and comfort of workers.

We have a wide variety of work uniforms such as coats, shirts, trousers and sweatshirts, in order to adapt to any need our customers may have and make it easier for them to find the perfect garment for their type of work.

Distributors of industrial workwear

As specialists in the distribution of materials for the industrial sectors, we offer a wide range of industrial workwear:

  • Reflective workwear.
  • High visibility workwear.
  • Waterproof and breathable workwear.
  • Chemical protective clothing.
  • Anti-cut clothing.
  • Coveralls.
  • Work sweatshirts.

Workwear for all sectors

Not only do we offer workwear for the industrial sector, but we also have workwear for professionals in any sector, for example:

Workwear for the construction sector.

Workwear for the construction sector must stand out for its safety and comfort. They should facilitate daily tasks and guarantee workers' wellbeing.

There are many options to choose the best workwear for this sector, but we can highlight hi-visibility clothes, cold protection clothes or safety trousers.

Clothes for the agri-food sector

We have an extensive catalog of workwear designed for the agri-food sector. In this sector it is normal to work with extreme temperatures, handling food or carrying heavy products, so it is essential to have the appropriate clothing to guarantee the safety of the worker.

Workwear for the hostelry sector

The hostelry sector is a sector where workwear is of great importance for the course of the activity. Not only because it is necessary for the safety of the workers, but also because the professionalism of the service is visually transmitted.

We have different sizes and colours of clothing for waiters and clothing for cooks such as kitchen jackets, aprons, hats and trousers.

Workwear for welders

Work clothes for welders are of superior quality because they must be resistant to heat, fire, sparks, molten liquid splashes and even flames. The aim is to protect the worker from any kind of burns and injuries.

For this reason, our flame retardant clothing meets all safety standards and is made of the most resistant materials. We can find from jackets, aprons, sleeves and hoods for welders, to overalls, jackets, trousers and overalls.

Health-care workwear

Choosing the best health workwear is not only a question of comfort or image, but it is also essential to guarantee safety and hygiene.

In our extensive catalogue you will find uniforms for doctors, nurses and veterinarians, such as medical gowns, work jackets and trousers, pyjamas and medical caps, all of them adjusted to the needs related to this type of sector.

Workwear for extreme cold

For those sectors where work is carried out at low temperatures there is a section of protective clothing against the cold. We have garments for working in cold rooms and heatable garments to guarantee comfort and stay warm, even when working outdoors in winter.

Safety workwear

Our safety work wear is comfortable, thanks to technological advances and the latest research, and complies with all work protection regulations.

We must know in depth the function we are going to develop in order to choose all the parts of the clothing we need to guarantee great safety and comfort.

Workwear catalogue for men and women

In protective equipment, most of the clothing is unisex, i.e. it can be used by both men and women. This is because their main purpose is to protect.

That is why we have different sizes and sizes of clothing to adapt to the characteristics of any worker and any sector.

Personalised work clothes

The personalisation of work clothes not only helps to promote your corporate image, but also makes workers feel more connected to the company.

At Reysan, we have several customisation systems for embroidering your company logo and screen printing on all your uniforms and workers' clothing.

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