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You are in the professional knives and knife stand section where you will find different models and sizes. Enter and check the different brands we offer and you will find a variety of models for different jobs like butcher, cutting room, fishmonger, etc. ... Check our Victorinox knives or Dick knives a well as knives of Spanish brand 3 Claveles. If you do not find what you need, please contact us, surely we can provide them.


When cutlery is our working tool, it is clear that it is not worth buying just any knife. At Reysan Atlantic ® we provide you with a wide variety of industrial knives for butchers and fish shops, from prestigious brands such as Victorinox knives or Dick knives, as well as national 3 Carnation knives.   

Discover our range of professional knives and all the necessary accessories!

The industrial knife: a companion for everyday life 

Butchers, fishmongers, slaughterhouse and cutting room workers and employees in the meat and food industry in general use professional knives in their working day

These cutting and precise tools therefore become a daily companion that must be of quality to facilitate work and promote safety, combined with the necessary protective equipment. If you are a professional or if you own a company where you have to renew your cutlery in this section you will find all kinds of: 

  • Knives for butchers: ham knives, machetes, hachuelas and everything necessary for the different cuts that the butcher requires. 
  • Cutting knives: we specialize in the meat industry, so we offer a variety of knives for cutting rooms very resistant and professional hit for the most resistant meats cut. 
  • Poultry knives: we have specific knives for carving poultry such as chicken or turkey.
  • Fish knives: you will find the perfect tools for filleting, flaking and cutting fish.
  • Professional chef's knives: everything you need to equip your industrial kitchen or that of your bar or restaurant.
  • Scissors: essential in the meat industry. Consult our options in stainless steel and other materials.
  • Complements for industrial knives: knife sharpening machine, automatic professional knife sharpening machine, knife holders, bone scraper or blades for cutting the intestines are some of the complementary tools that you can buy in our section.
  • Knife: in the professional field, where workers must handle dozens of knives depending on the task, the knife is an indispensable element.

A place to buy knives of different uses and brands 

At Reysan Atlantic ® we do not limit ourselves to offering you all kinds of industrial knives, but we select the most competitive brands to offer you a cutlery catalogue with an unbeatable quality-price proposal.   

And we do so in the hands of suppliers as well known as the traditional Swiss brand Victorinox or the German knives Dick. Our most renowned brands also include the national brands Java and 3 Claveles, specialising in the meat industry and knives for professional chefs. 

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