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If you are looking for protective gloves for work, at Reysan we have an extensive catalogue where you can choose the material that best suits the conditions of your workplace. Now you can buy quality safety gloves at the best price with us.
At Reysan we are aware of how important it is to work with the best work equipment, capable of offering maximum safety from footwear to head.

People who work in positions where hands are used to handle food or chemical substances are obliged to protect them with the safest gloves possible.

For example, in companies where workers work at low temperatures, if they do not have the necessary material to protect their hands, this can cause serious health problems such as frostbite.

For this type of cases, in Reysan we put cold gloves in your hands that maintain body heat, and at the same time are comfortable to work with. Thanks to their material, they are able to withstand temperatures as low as -50º.

The same applies to people working with chemicals. A small liquid spill without good hand protection can seriously damage your health. Our chemical protection gloves are category 3 which guarantee the necessary levels of permeation and penetration. Without a doubt, they are the safest on the market.

Our years of experience in the sector have allowed us to know the needs of our customers, so in our online shop you can buy the best material adapted to each sector and job.

If you are looking for gloves for certain specific risks, such as nitrile gloves, chemical protection gloves or anti-cut gloves, at Reysan you will find them because, as we have already mentioned, we know very well the demands of our clients.

In our catalogue you will not only find materials for highly specialized work, we also have others for wider sectors such as steel gloves for butchers, latex gloves or disposable gloves for the health sector.

In short, we offer you gloves with different characteristics so that you can choose the ones that best suit your needs and work. All of them are very comfortable, as they allow you to work as if you were not wearing anything at all.

If we add to this the fact that they are economical, and that thanks to their material they last for a long time, you will be buying high quality and resistant protective gloves at the best price. We guarantee it!

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