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At Reysan we have a wide variety of anti-cut mesh aprons available for maximum protection at work. Ideal for butchers and workers in the meat industry, they are made of stainless steel thanks to their lightness and ease of disinfecting. Discover our extensive catalog.
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Professional mesh aprons for maximum work safety

The mesh aprons are very common for the meat industry, cutting rooms, slaughterhouses and for food businesses where knives and other cutting utensils are handled on a regular basis very sharp. They protect from cuts and punctures.

These aprons are ideal for butchers, butchers, slaughterhouses, fishmongers and for the meat industry in general.

Why use professional anti-cut protection mesh aprons?

Using professional anti-cut protection mesh aprons in the meat industry offers a series of advantages that guarantee the safety and comfort of workers in this demanding environment:

  • Mesh aprons are specifically designed to protect butchers and meat industry workers from accidental cuts with sharp knives and cutting tools. The high-quality steel mesh acts as an effective barrier against cuts and punctures, greatly reducing the risk of serious injuries in the workplace.
  • In addition, these aprons are strong and durable, meaning they can withstand constant wear and tear in a demanding meat environment. This ensures that workers can count on reliable protection over time, without having to constantly replace their aprons.
  • Comfort is also an important consideration. Mesh aprons are designed to be lightweight and allow air circulation, helping to keep workers cool and comfortable during long work days. Its ergonomic design allows wide freedom of movement, making it easier to perform laborious tasks.

Stainless steel mesh aprons for butchers

At Reysan we have a wide variety of mesh protection aprons made of stainless steel and with different coverages and lengths, including detectable metal for á; Production areas.

Stainless steel, being a very light material, finds a great balance between safety and comfort, facilitating work and avoiding fatigue. In addition, it is a very hygienic material and designed for easy cleaning without leaving residues.

Anti-cut mesh gloves for maximum safety in the meat industry

Complete your work safety outfit with our anti-cut mesh gloves.

The anti-cut safety gloves offer great freedom of movement for the handling of knives, machinery and mincers, without having to worry about the risk of suffering cuts.

Protect yourself at work thanks to anti-cut mesh aprons and gloves.

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