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In this section you can choose between stainless steel mesh protection aprons or aluminium sheet protection aprons, both are high quality models. Only at Reysan Industrial Clothing.
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The mesh apron for your safety at work

The mesh apron is very common in kitchens and food businesses where large knives and other sharp cutting tools are commonly handled.

These resistant mesh aprons are perfect for butchers, butchers, certain jobs in slaughterhouses, fishmongers and market stalls or shops.

Stainless steel or aluminium in the mesh apron

At Reysan we have a special range of stainless steel mesh aprons or aluminium protection aprons in sheets of different coverings and lengths. All models seek to find a balance between demanding safety clothing and the comfort and lightness of the garments to facilitate work, as the weight is distributed to avoid fatigue. Furthermore, due to the use of these mesh aprons, they are very hygienic and designed for easy cleaning without leaving residues.

Complete your work safety attire with stainless steel accessories such as steel gloves for safe work.

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