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In Reysan we are specialists in safety footwear, so in our online store you will find all kinds of work shoes, made with the best materials. Safety boots, safety shoes against the cold or shoes for long hours on your feet are just some of the items you will find in our section. Buying good comfortable safety boots for work is more than necessary, and that is why our catalogue only includes top quality work shoes.

Wide variety of comfortable safety footwear

If we spend many hours working standing up and making physical effort, at the end of the work day it is easy for physical ailments to appear and tiredness to increase, if we do not use good footwear.

In fact, enduring a working day with a shoe that causes chafing or damage to the foot will influence productivity and performance, as well as causing great discomfort.

At Reysan Atlantic ® we offer you a wide range of safety footwear: all of them are designed to produce great comfort and, above all, protection against the risks that can arise in the workplace.

Depending on the sector and the job that the worker performs, the task will entail a series of specific risks. For this reason, each model of safety footwear is designed according to the sector and the working conditions.

Work footwear for each job

In our online shop you will find safety shoes specialized in preventing slips, preventing the entry of water and dangerous liquids or resisting the perforation of cutting metals.

Everything is adapted to the different working sectors: safety footwear for the hotel and catering industry, sanitary clogs and closed shoes, safety footwear for the food industry, boots against the cold or footwear with special anti-acid material.

You can also discover a wide range of waterproof boots, complementary accessories to footwear for safety at work and even waders for fishermen, made up of rubber boots and waterproof bib trousers.

Safety boots. The most comfortable and safest for work

If we doubt about which work footwear we should choose, one of the most recommendable is always safety boots. Boots allow a great grip on the foot and ankle, keeping it always fixed to avoid accidents and injuries.

There are different types of boots depending on their use and functionality. We can find waterproof boots for waterproof protection, cold boots that guarantee maximum comfort in cold environments and hard boots, ideal for warehouses and industries where heavy goods can fall.

Work footwear brands: from Dunlop boots to in-house production

Dunlop or Panter are a sign that we only sell high quality work footwear to ensure safety and comfort in your everyday life. Dunlop waterproof boots and Panter protective footwear are some of the best known brands, but our commitment to wellness at work goes much further, with the development of SureyTech, our own brand of Reysan Atlantic ®, which offers a wide range of comfortable, lightweight and durable industrial boots at an irresistible price. Protective boots that are a bet quality-price and in which we have put all our efforts to create a high performance footwear at a very affordable price.

Accessories for the food industry

In the world of food where safety and protection of the worker is vital, it is also necessary to have the material that facilitates and optimizes the work. Therefore, in our catalogue you will find isothermal containers to keep food cold or hot.

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