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At Reysan we stand out for being distributors of Dunlop boots, a leading manufacturer of protective footwear worldwide. In this section you will find safety boots designed for greater comfort, resistance and durability in industrial environments and other jobs that require specific safety footwear.
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Dunlop safety boots

Dunlop is the world's leading manufacturer of safety footwear. Their boots are comfortable, safe and ideal for workers in the agriculture, fishing, industrial food, construction, oil and industrial sectors.

They offer some of the best work boots on the market thanks to the combination of innovation with craftsmanship. This union guarantees maximum comfort and safety in the feet of the workers.

Why? Dunlop is one of the best work boots?

There are a large number of sectors in which workers are exposed to hazards such as blows, cuts, slips or leaks in work clothes. One of the safest and simplest preventive measures to reduce the impact of possible accidents is buying safety footwear for workers.

Dunlop is the most suitable footwear because it develops high performance safety boots. Its footwear is light, flexible and robust to guarantee maximum comfort and protection.

But that's not all, their insoles offer superior support and a sole that guarantees grip on any terrain and condition.

Safety footwear for various jobs

In our catalog we have a wide variety of boots: from waders for agricultural work to safety shoes that meet specific needs of users in the food industry.

They are ideal for any job where you are working hard. exposed to danger because Dunlop boots are an important tool for protection against impacts, penetrations, slips, acids, oils, animal fats and other dangers.

Dunlop rain boots

Dunlop wellies are designed to offer extraordinary comfort. They are waterproof and breathable at the same time that their soles make it almost impossible to slip.

Dunlop thermal boots

Dunlop thermal boots are essential for work carried out in low temperatures. They prevent heat loss and provide exceptional thermal properties, guaranteeing excellent insulation against extreme cold.


Waterproof rubber boots

The rubber boots are a necessary complement for any industry. This material is highly waterproof, elastic, and resistant to liquids and some acids, making it ideal for protecting workers comfortably.

Comfort and comfort on your feet

The working day can be long, so it is essential to wear safety footwear that not only protects us from accidents that may arise, but is also comfortable and does not cause discomfort due to its continued use. .

Our range of Dunlop safety boots is available. designed with quality materials and the most advanced techniques on the market to offer maximum comfort.

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