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Balaclava, netted hats, tapamelenas, beard covers... Welcome to our disposable hats section where you will find a great variety of disposable head covers for different uses.
Suitable for agri-food industry, factories, collective catering, laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies or cleaning. Find the model that best suits the needs of your sector and benefit from the advantages of placing your order online.
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Different models of head cover to use and pull

Isolating the head is one of the main hygiene measures adopted in the agri-food, catering, health and many industrial sectors. For this reason, Reysan offers a wide variety of disposable hats in different shapes and materials to adapt to the specific needs of each sector.

Many of these models come in packages of 100 units or more, which makes ordering more economical and its implementation in the workplace more comfortable. These are some of the models you will find in our disposable headwear section:

  • Boat cap: small cap ideal for low ceiling kitchens.
  • Continental hat: chef's hat made of felt paper.
  • Balaclava: disposable balaclava covers the head, neck and nape of the neck, leaving the face visible.
  • Tapamelena: we have disposable tapamelenas in different colours (white, blue and green).
  • Bandana: as a headband, remove the hair to the back.
  • Cap with net: protection cap with visor and gel holder, generally used in the food industry.
  • Balaclava: this protective and hygienic device covers the head, neck and neck, leaving only visible the eyes and the upper part of the nose.
  • Beard cover: the beard cover is specially designed to protect this area with hair and prevent its fall.

In addition to this protective equipment, our catalogue features many other products that are also detectable by metal detectors, such as: gloves, footwear, caps or blue plastic food.

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