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Disposable gowns are required in many workplaces, such as laboratories, hospitals, the food industry, cleaning, workshops or company visits . In this section you can buy disposable gowns of all kinds at a very affordable price, in packs of 50 or 100 units.

Protecting your employees and visitors and isolating your business from external contamination is as easy as selecting the desired gown model, ordering and receiving your disposable devices conveniently at your facility. Discover the options we provide from Reysan!
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Types of disposable work gowns

What disposable gown options can I purchase for my business? At Reysan Atlantic ® we offer you several options, in colors (red, green, white and blue), lengths, degree of protection and opening and closing mechanism. These are the main models of gowns in our catalogue:

  • With velcro
  • The reusable velcro gown is ideal for people working in hospitals or laboratories. It stands out for the comfort of the Velcro, which can be quickly fastened and unbuttoned. It is available in two models, with and without pockets. Material: expanded polypropylene.

  • With clip
  • White multi-purpose gown with clip closure, elastic cuffs and three pockets. Material: expanded polypropylene.

  • With zipper
  • Like the previous ones, this is a traditional gown that reaches below the knee, this time with a zipper and three pockets. Material: expanded polypropylene.

  • Surgeon's gown
  • Surgeon's gowns are long-sleeved, elastic cuffs with straps to tie at the neck and waist. It is blue in color and incorporates a sterile package.

  • Visiting gown
  • This type of gown is intended for factory visits. As they are minimal to use, they are the simplest and also the cheapest. They cover up to below the knees and protect against dust, dirt and non-hazardous splashes.

  • Complement: protective mask
  • The respiratory protection mask is often complementary to the gown. In this section you will find our model of mask for dust and strong odors, ideal for food factories or where much dust is produced.

Wholesale Disposable Gowns

At Reysan Atlantic ® we allow you to buy the robes wholesale, in packs of 50- 100 units. Thus, it is much easier to obtain a robe in the workplace, either as an employee or as a visitor.

If you need any further information regarding this product, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you choose the necessary model for your type of business.

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