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At Reysan we are a Uvex distributor in Spain, a company specializing in personal protective equipment (PPE) and occupational safety from head to toe. In our extensive catalog you will find protective glasses and helmets, as well as different hearing protection products such as earplugs.
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Uvex distributor in Spain

At Reysan, as experts in personal protective equipment and occupational safety, we always want to have the best brands for our clients. That is why we are part of the network of distributors of the Uvex Safety company in Spain.

Uvex is a world leader in the field of eye protection, although it also stands out for manufacturing and distributing industrial safety and protection equipment. It groups together different garments, materials and equipment, with the aim of preventing and preventing the occupational risks to which workers are exposed.

Its objective is to protect workers from head to toe, betting on innovation, quality and technology in its products. This is the main reason why Reysan fully relies on Uvex to distribute a wide range of its products.

What products do we have from Uvex?

Within our extensive Uvex catalog, you will find the following occupational protection products.

Safety glasses

As we have seen, Uvex has extensive experience in the field of eye protection and in the development of coating technologies. That is why your protective glasses are designed with the latest technologies combining: safety, functionality, quality and design.

Its unlimited panoramic vision, its excellent ergonomics and its coating system guarantee a better anti-fog effect and greater resistance to scratches, facing the rapid advances of the industry and different sectors.

Given their characteristics, they are ideal to combine with other occupational protection equipment such as masks, helmets or hearing protection. At Reysan, thinking about the different needs of our clients, we have different types of Uvex protection glasses such as conventional, goggle covers or integral.

Protective helmets

Uvex impact protection helmets are ideal for head protection. They optimally combine three essential fundamentals: comfort, lightness and protection.

Designed with the most modern technologies, they are prepared to be equipped with other accessories such as goggles, masks or hearing protection items. In this way, workers will always be protected regardless of the work they require, as helmets for construction or as industrial protectors.

Earplugs and Hearing Protection

Taking into account that noise is one of the irreversible risks that exist for our health, having the appropriate hearing protection equipment is essential for the correct development of noisy work.

Uvex earplugs, helmets and ear protectors adapt to different situations and noise levels, so it is very important to choose the correct PPE that best suits each job. In addition, thanks to the innovation of their products, they allow you to have conversations and hear signals at all times.

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