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At Reysan we have a wide variety of work aprons available for the meat industry and other industrial sectors, from grease-proof aprons, with thermal and resistant options, to those recommended for use in butcher shops and fishmongers. They offer great protection for the operator's clothing.
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Where to buy work aprons?

When you need to equip your team with high-quality aprons, especially in demanding industries such as the meat industry or other industrial areas, Reysan emerges as the definitive choice. We offer a wide variety of aprons designed to meet the most rigorous safety and hygiene standards. Most of our aprons are suitable for the meat and food industry, making them the ideal choice for environments where hygiene is crucial.

From grease-resistant models to thermal options, our selection ensures the optimal solution for the specific needs of any business. In addition to our premium product offering, at Reysan we are committed to providing exceptional customer service.

Our team of experts is ready Always at your disposal to assist you in searching for the product your business needs. Don't put the safety of your equipment at risk; Trust Reysan for aprons that provide long-lasting protection and comfort throughout the workday.

Work Aprons for the Meat Industry

Our aprons are made with high quality materials resistant to grease and liquids, complying with the strict safety and hygiene protocols of this industry.

Characteristics of Meat Aprons

  • Resistance to greases and liquids, ensuring the integrity of work uniforms.
  • High quality materials that comply with the safety and hygiene protocols of the meat industry.
  • Variety of models available in different colors and materials to adapt to your specific needs.
  • Protection against cross contamination and extension of the useful life of work uniforms.
  • Availability of thermal options for environments with extreme temperatures.
  • Wide range of sizes available to fit all team members.
  • Guaranteed durability and strength for reliable long-term performance.

Distributors for the industry and meat industry

With a wide range of equipment, machines and materials designed to meet the most rigorous safety and hygiene standards in environments such as the meat industry, we are the optimal solution for the specific needs of any business. Trust us for all the equipment you need to provide lasting protection and comfort throughout the workday.

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