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Join Reysan Atlantic Club is simple and free. You just have to register as a user and accept the terms of use. Then you can access your account and view points accumulated in the section My Points. Get started to enjoy the benefits!


Anytime you access the data sheet of an article in reysan.com you will see the indicator with the points that will give you by buying it, to be added to your user account when you make the payment.


The number of points you accumulate with every purchase can be consulted in your personal panel. Here you can view the available points and those you've already used. Get points with your purchases and save for the next one.


In the next purchase you make you will see that the points you have generated so far and the discount generated in your current purchase. You can choose to redeem or continue to accumulate points for future occasions. Points are valid for 5 months from acquisition, so you can use them when you need them.



1.1 Purpose: POINTS PROGRAM " "REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L.", hereinafter the Program, is a promotional system promoted by the commercial entity REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L. provided B42143529 and registered office at Pol.Ind.La Dehesa parc.13-14, 42100 Agreda, Soria. Through the program, customers registered online store REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L. You may obtain points-discounts for each of the purchases and see the points accumulated in your client area, and exchange them for discounts on orders that will subsequently performed. In the customer area will have a summary of points: Current balance, and spent so far this year points. Historical or movements: All movements of points, in different colors depending on the type of movement with date, order number and the amount. Panel expiration: Well visible, reporting the date on which the points expire.

1.2.- Title holders: They may be the program participants over 18 individuals, who have not limited their ability to act and are registered as customers in www.reysan.com. Therefore program promotional offers may be enjoyed exclusively by the group of customers REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L.


The program only create rights (points) to those participants who make purchases solely and exclusively on the web www.reysan.com following the instructions of these conditions. Participation in this program is personal and not transferable.


This program will remain in force indefinitely, while REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L. no end to it.
It means complete when REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L. decides not to issue more discount points, and communicated to the holders, to be valid for this web www.reysan.com means.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, as a rule, they are deemed expired all those points that are not redeemed and / or used after 5 months from acquisition.


4.1. Getting discount points. The holder will get discount points every time you get on the web www.reysan.com a product, as provided in the General Conditions (all except announced modification of the promotional system in the product catalog or on the web www.reysan.com with a minimum of 5 days of the effective date of its application, the award of discount points, limits and other circumstances): direct allocation of points by purchasing products: REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L. will determine the number of points applicable to each purchase prior to the same character.

4.2. Points Exchange. The head of points, once obtained by the methods determined by REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L., may request redemption of points-discount at the checkout and apply the discount points.

.3.- By "exchange" means: Using the discount points discount for purchase. In the order form the number of points you want to apply for the discount is reported. It will check you have enough points and are applicable in that order. If this validation is passed, the user will see the discount applied to the total order. This exchange may be performed as described below:
The points accumulated by discount may be used as part payment of the entire amount of the products, paying the remaining price difference in cash or other means of payment is accepted.
The placing of an order not be possible only by points.

4.4.- Accumulated points are available at the time of a new online purchase. In case of cancellation or total or partial return of an order, REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L. Reserves the right to cancel accumulated points for such purchase, as well as, in the case of overlapping of orders, the modification of the order amount based on the points consumed and subsequently canceled.

4.5.- REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L. It reserves the right to audit the account of a customer at any time and without notice, in order to ensure compliance with these terms and conditions. REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L. you can deduct the points wrongly credited to a customer and suspend redemption of points accumulated while any discrepancy is resolved, while duly informing the customer.


In accordance with Law 15/1999 of December 13 Protection of Personal Data, the participant Prgrm be informed that their data will be incorporated into a file owned by REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L. confidentially and used in order to provide, manage, monitor and maintain the services inherent in the program, promoted by REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L. Also, the processed data provided may be used in relation to activities covering the corporate purpose of the entity.
The program participant also consents expressly to REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L. you can treat your personal data for advertising, promotional and / or statistical purposes (including performing segmentations to adapt offers and marketing activities), authorizing the purposes of Article 21 of Law 34/2002 Society information, receive commercial communications that may be of interest or adapted to your profile, related to the promotional system and the activities that REYSAN ATLANTIC, SL perform services or added value that could benefit as a participant of the program, both by conventional means and / or electronic (email, SMS, ticket purchase ...).
Likewise, these communications may refer to own promotions, or unless expressly stated in the request made against promoted by companies belonging to REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L. related to its purpose and can be consulted on the web www.reysan.com. The program participant gives his consent, unless revoked, for the transfer of personal data to companies belonging to REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L. with the purposes described above. The program participant is duly informed and aware that companies linked to the management of the program to process personal data provided to develop the various trade agreements that REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L. had signed with such third parties, led participants in the program and to ensure proper delivery of services inherent therein.


REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L. shall not be liable for damages of any kind arising from operational, except that they are caused by negligence of the website "www.reysan.com". In this case, the liability shall be limited to the economic value of the points accumulated participant take.


7.1.- The possible variation or modification of all or part of the requirements and advantages of using points may be made by "REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L., announcing it on the web www.reysan.com" in advance minimum 5 days of the effective date of its application.
Program Participant may redeem the discount points that have accumulated so far and apply downward as a participant in the program at all times. In any case, catalogs and offers current and the web will find fully operational purpose of informing the participant of the new conditions or for any incident. The continuation in the program or the exchange of the discount points constitute acceptance of such modifications.

7.2 Participation in this program is incompatible with participation in any other promotion REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L.

7.3.- References bidding for promotion are considered made to the company REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L., with address in Pol.Ind. La Dehesa parc.13-14, 42100 in Agreda (Soria) with C.I.F number B42143529

7.4.- REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L. reserves the right to cancel or modify, totally or partially, the points accumulated in the points programme in the event of computer malfunction or incorrect data configuration. This right is also reserved in the case of bad practice on the part of the participant or in the case of non-payment with REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L. The participant in the points programme accepts that REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L. may reduce or increase the amount of points registered in his/her points balance.

7.5.- The tax consequences of participation in the program, if any, will be taken by whoever it be responsible, in accordance with the legislation applicable.

7.6.- In order to provide the best service and resolve any doubt or incident, the program participant may raise any query through the web "www.reysan.com" expressly consenting to the possible storage of data in the terms contained in the Seventh Clause.

7.7.- REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L. shall not be liable for errors or omissions that, despite all the precautions taken, could appear in information relating to any part of the program.

7.8.- REYSAN ATLANTIC, S.L. established in Pol.Ind. La Dehesa parc.13-14, 42100 Agreda (Soria) with C.I.F. Number B42143529, is designated as administrator of the system, and therefore manage the discount points obtained by customers through participation in the program, keeping the points earned by participants in their shopping on the web www.reysan.com.


To resolve any disputes arise concerning the interpretation or application of these conditions, the parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Soria, waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond.


The points program comes into operation September 27, 2016, and will be in testing phase for a period of 3 months. During this time, Reysan Atlantic ® is not responsible for any problems that may arise with the program.

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