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At Reysan, as a company specialising in industrial cleaning products, we are aware of how important it is to maintain both the hygiene of our business and the personal hygiene of our workers and, above all, our customers. For this reason, among many of our products we have electric hand dryers, soap dispensers and paper dispensers, all of them are prepared for industrial and professional use. Keep your business safe and hygienic.
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When we talk about hygiene, one of the most important parts of the body and where most bacteria are retained is on our hands. Proper hand cleaning is essential, especially after going to the toilet, before and after working, especially in sectors such as hospitality, and after touching furniture and public surfaces.

The most efficient way to remove viruses and bacteria from our hands is by using warm water and soap for 20 seconds. But one of the most important steps that is never taken into account is hand drying. It is essential because wet skin can transmit many more viruses and bacteria than dry skin.

Therefore, perfect hygiene depends on both cleaning and drying. For this, at Reysan we have the best hand cleaning and drying products.

Electric hand dryers

Electric hand dryers are a very efficient option for drying our hands. They have a drying efficiency of 100% as well as being an ecological option.

They can be made of different materials but stainless steel hand dryers are the most common. Many of them have a sensor so they avoid contact at all times, being the most hygienic option for public places and bathrooms because they avoid direct contact with bacteria.

Soap and gel dispensers

Industrial soap and gel dispensers are indispensable in sectors such as hospitality, public places and any type of industry. They have a large capacity which means that they do not have to be changed regularly and the safest and most hygienic thing is that they are kept on the wall.

For public spaces with a lot of foot traffic, automatic soap dispensers are ideal, thus avoiding the transmission of bacteria and cross-contamination.

Toilet paper dispensers

Toilet paper dispensers are more than necessary in any restroom, whether public or in any business or industry.

It has many benefits, among them we can highlight the large capacity it has to dispense industrial paper rolls. But above all we can highlight that it allows you to always use new paper, that is, you will never use paper that has already been used or has had contact, avoiding the transmission of bacteria.

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