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Drinking water and refreshing yourself has never been so easy, at Reysan we offer you different options of cold water fountains and murals for companies and industries, for improve working conditions in work environments. Our fountains have the possibility of integrating a reverse osmosis system, with different types of taps, sizes and materials. Discover them!
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Cold water fountains and dispensers for drinking in companies

The water fountains for companies and industries provide great added value in the space where they are located. On the one hand, providing a continuous supply of water generates great satisfaction for the company's staff and even for visitors (especially in times of intense heat to quench thirst) and, on the other hand, it represents a economic savings by not having to buy bottled water in addition to reducing the use of plastic.

The water dispensers are ideal for companies, offices, schools, communities of owners, industrial environments, restaurants, shopping centers and public entities, among others.

Depending on the potability of the water in the location, it is possible to install water sources that lack a filtering system, osmosis water sources,< /strong> with active carbon filters, or with triple filter systems.

Benefits of water sources in companies and industrial environments

  • They combat heat and physical fatigue.
  • Increase productivity at work.
  • They help improve customer service.
  • Allows you to always have drinking water available for any need and circumstance.

Types of fonts for business and industry

  1. Reverse osmosis source

    In our catalogue of water fountains for companies we have models that incorporate a system of reverse osmosis, a process that through filtering eliminates suspended solids and possible microorganisms. In this way, it converts tap water into high quality water. As part of the maintenance, the filters have to be changed from time to time.

  2. Swan neck fountain

    This type of faucet is perfect for drinking water directly, although plastic cups can also be used in these models. There is the option of combining this gooseneck with a conventional push-button tap.

  3. Pushbutton fountain

    The conventional spout or push button is the perfect system to drink water directly from the fountain or to use glasses.

  4. Round wall fountain

    The round wall fountain is the smallest device you will find in this section. It incorporates a spout and gooseneck and is also available as a column fountain.

  5. Garden fountain

    The models described above are designed primarily for interiors. However, the garden fountain is specially designed for outdoor use, such as gardens, squares or schoolyards.

  6. Water fountains for children

    At Reysan we also have fountains for children's use, which can be placed on the wall to adapt them to children's height. You can find them both in the indoor models and in the garden fountain.

Different water dispensers according to the needs of our customers

Given our variety of models, you will find water fountains with different prices and features adapted to use in offices, changing rooms, sports facilities, schools or sports centers. These are the main keys on which its use and price depend:

  • Refrigeration system

    Water sources can incorporate a cooling system, which makes them need a water inlet, a drain and a plug. They have adjustable temperature.

  • Reverse osmosis system

    Incorporating a reverse osmosis system raises the price of the water device, but also the quality of the water.

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