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Reysan Just Touch and Vending

Consumables and industrial supplies in 1 click

Reysan Just Touch and Vending

In Reysan Atlantic ® we are committed to offer you the best solutions for your business and for your workers welfare. One of our main lines of development is the use of technology to enhance savings. For this reason, we have developed a new service of Vending and Just Touch machines that make available consumables for the day-to-day running of your business, as well as industrial supplies at the click of a button.

We introduce you to Reysan Atlantic ® Just Touch and Reysan Atlantic ® Vending:

  • Reysan Atlantic ® Just Touch:It is an advanced stock control system that is ideal for higher volume products.
  • Reysan Atlantic ® Vending: It reduces physical spaces. The storage of the stock is in the hands of the supplier “Reysan Atlantic ®”. The supplier “Reysan Atlantic ®”will manage the stock of the articles so that the workers always have them available. The products can go from masks to protective glasses, gloves or caps. Everything will depend on the workers' need for certain consumables or PPE.

Industrial supplies and consumables at a click

What are the business benefits of this technology? Here are some of them:

  1. Self-regulating consumption: Produce un efecto autorregulador del consumo y actúa como inhibidor del abuso. Los artículos necesarios para el desarrollo del trabajo están perfectamente disponibles, pero se puede controlar, por lo que se evita un posible despilfarro.
  2. Product close to the worker: It is not necessary for the worker to move to a distant warehouse to access the product. Vending machines can be placed very close to the working point and thus avoid unnecessary movements. In the case of Just Touch machines, the worker will go with the product ticket obtained in the Just Touch machine so that the operator of the warehouse can deliver the requested product.
  3. Real time inventory: Real time knowledge of the items in stock. Both the company and the supplier, can know exactly how many products are available in the machine and renew them when necessary, in case of Vending and in case of Just Touch have controlled the stock.
  4. Productivity improvement: It reduces the time of request, collection and pick up of the product.
  5. Reduces costs: In some cases, savings can amount to 30%.
  6. Eliminates administrative work: no more filling in vouchers, documentation by hand...
  7. Total traceability in real time: Maximum security of supply.

Customized study

Don't know what kind of machine you need for your business? Do you have doubts about the type of consumables you can distribute for your workers?

In Reysan Atlantic ® we also carry out custom studies that guarantee the optimal service for your business.

Do you want more information about this technology to boost your savings? Do not hesitate to contact our team to know all the features of these products and more about this service.

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