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Improve and optimise times in the transport of buckets and boxes of goods with our best dollies and dollies. In this section you can find different designs and materials according to your needs: aluminium dollies, ABS dollies, aluminium dollies, etc.
At Reysan we always work with the best quality to offer the best durability and resistance. Discover the best bucket trucks or dollies in aluminium or other materials, resistant to high and low temperatures.
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Types of dollies

You can find different types of versatile dollies to transport different sizes and weights of buckets. Depending on your application you will find dollies that fit in shape and design, such as circular dollies, dollies with drainage system and stainless steel dollies with 4 and 6 wheels.

As you can see, the quality and materials respond to the different requirements and needs that you can find in demanding sectors such as the food industry, trade and even the logistics sector in general.

Benefits of mobile bases for work

  • Ergonomics: The stable design allows several heavy buckets and boxes to be loaded and transported at once, helping workers to avoid bending down and carrying heavy items.
  • Efficiency: The ease of transporting loads via the dollies means that times can be reduced considerably, resulting in faster and more efficient processes.
  • Hygiene: By placing the load on these platforms, the load is prevented from touching the ground, thus avoiding possible contamination during transport. Furthermore, the material with which it is made is anti-corrosive, allowing easy and safe maintenance.

ABS and aluminium dollies

On most of our dollies for transporting goods, you will find that they are made of ABS plastic or aluminium. The aim of these products is to be as strong as possible and to increase their durability due to their heavy use.

In addition, the support system and wheels must withstand heavy loads and all components must last in perfect condition as long as possible, because in the transport of goods shocks arise regularly. For this reason, the main materials that provide durability and resistance include:

ABS plastic

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or ABS is one of the most resistant plastics on the market. It is commonly used in the automotive and other industrial sectors as well as the domestic environment. It is known as the engineering plastic, as it is made from the most common plastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene.

Its main properties are its toughness at any temperature (it resists temperature changes), it has a high rigidity and its chemical resistance is acceptable compared to other types of plastic.

Anodised aluminium

As an anti-corrosive material, aluminium is a perfect choice for providing safety and strength to rolling bases. Its main property is that it is resistant to oxidation, which means that this material offers a high degree of safety for use in the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industry.

In this section you will see that both materials are present in many of our bucket dollies.  At Reysan Atlantic ® we take care to find the best quality products to suit the requirements of each work sector.

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