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Discover all our articles made of cellulose, the most abundant natural organic compound, which becomes an essential raw material in the manufacture of toilet paper, single-use hand towels and wipes. Buy paper rolls in industrial quantities and at an economical price in Reysan.
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What is industrial cellulose?

Cellulose is an organic compound that forms part of the earth's biomass. As a naturally occurring material, more than 90% of which is extracted from wood, it has become one of the most widely used and processed materials.

In its industrial use, it replaces both cotton and polyester, as these materials are a burden on the environment. It can be found in products such as toilet paper, disposable wipes, kitchen towels and towels.

Our cellulose products

In the hygiene and food industries and sectors, among others, products with cellulose have become essential. This is because many single-use products are normally used in these sectors, so having materials made from cellulose allows them to be recycled up to 9 times.

Cellulose towels and wipes

The main properties of cellulose are that they are soft and absorb effectively. For this reason, in industries such as hygiene where delicate care products are needed, they often use this material to replace cotton, which contaminates so much, or towels to avoid contagion.

Two-ply cellulose towels are ideal for hand drying and for installation in washroom dispensers. Finally, we also offer surface disinfectant wipe options, especially for food preparation areas and the pharmaceutical industry. They are also useful for keeping work areas and materials decontaminated and preventing the growth of germs.

Cooking paper

As we have said, cellulose has really good liquid absorption properties, so counting kitchen towels becomes essential in the hospitality sector and in any food industry.

They are used for cleaning and drying surfaces, machinery and even the hands of workers. They are currently very popular because they are disposable, which does not pose a health risk by preventing the transmission of bacteria as could happen with kitchen towels.

Toilet paper rolls

At Reysan we have online sales of long-lasting industrial toilet rolls for sanitary facilities in factories, offices and establishments. They are available from packs of 2 rolls. We also have toilet paper for both industrial and domestic use.

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