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At Reysan you can buy the best professional kitchen knives and professional sharpeners. We have a wide catalog with different types of knives such as, for example, cutting knife, ham holder, to clean fish pieces, for butchers or for cooks. In the same way, you will also find a wide variety of sharpeners such as manual sharpener, sharpening machine, electric or stone sharpener.
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Dick dealer: Knives and sharpeners for professionals in the sector

At Reysan we are distributors of the Dick brand of professional knives and sharpeners, a leading company in the sector that has the confidence of great chefs and professionals in the sector.

Dick knives are designed with top quality materials, always taking care of the development of both its handle and its blade, achieving the perfect balance between both to achieve more than precise cuts.

Its blade is made of stainless steel, its ergonomic handle and its weight is fully balanced to provide a much more agile and precise handling.

Types of Dick professional knife

Dick professional knives are ideal for both chefs and the food industry. Among its extensive catalog we can highlight:

Ham knife

The Dick ham carving knife has an ergonomic handle and a stainless steel blade, making it ideal for precisely cutting ham and separating the slices. It allows to handle the knife comfortably and safely.

Butcher knife and cutting

The butcher and butcher knife are manufactured to carry out all kinds of jobs within the meat sector. By having a great variety, there is one for each type of need, such as filleting or deboning. It is specially designed to be handled very easily and provide the maximum possible safety.

Fish cleaning knife

The Dick Fish Cleaning Knife is ideal for cleaning and filleting fish. Its handle adapts perfectly to the hand for a firm grip and provides maximum protection when handling.


Dick professional knife sharpener

The Dick Professional Knife Sharpener is one of the best valued in the industry. Available in different types, sizes, utilities, comforts and handling. Among all its varieties we find:

Electric Knife Sharpener

The knife sharpening machine is electric and designed for industries, shops, butchers and sharpening workshops. It is made of stainless steel and allows you to revise and polish blades.

Knife sharpener with stone

The stone knife sharpener enables professional sharpening results. A good sharp knife allows you to cut the food without modifying the shape and without exerting any additional pressure, thus allowing the knives to cut with little effort.


The use of sharpening steel guarantees effective edge maintenance. You can keep your knives as new as if they were brand new the first day.

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