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This section is dedicated to detectable items that are generally used in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Although they may be made of other materials, they are designed to be detected by metal detectors. In this way, physical contamination of the final product, which causes serious problems in these industries, is avoided.
We have a huge range of detectables: from popular pens, to mesh gloves, to single use items such as caps and sleeves. Discover all our options and buy detectable materials online!
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A wide range of detectable items

Detectable items are not limited to gloves, pens and folders. These are just some of the items detectable by metal detectors you will find in our catalogue:

  • Office supplies: Pens, fluorescent lights, markers, food pens, paper clips, clipboards, scissors...
  • Various tools: stopwatch, calculator, ruler, spatula, strips, seal, flanges...
  • Sharp objects: Cutter, knife, sharpener, knives...
  • Single use: Vinyl gloves, canvas covers, sleeves, booties, aprons...
  • Specially for the food industry: detectable mesh glove or glove holder.
  • PPIs: Caps.
  • Cleaning materials: dustpans, brushes...

If you need a product that is not in the catalogue, do not hesitate to ask us to try to supply it.

Metal detectors

We offer several models of metal detectors, capable of performing their function in all directions and with a high precision identification system. Their alarm mode is acoustic.

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