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LED torch for professional use

Torches for professional use are requested by people with specific activities and companies in certain sectors that need powerful and quality lighting.

Professional LED torches differ from conventional ones in their power, duration and the materials with which they are designed, among many other characteristics.

Advantages of professional LED torches

Better design

Professional torches are more ergonomic and more adaptable to the use we want to give them. The most suitable material is anodised aluminium with a hermetic seal to prevent water and dust from penetrating. In fact, it is highly recommended that it comes with a waterproof certificate.

More power

Power is another fundamental factor to take into account. Professional torches have high power and it is measured in lumens. We must choose well the number of lumens we need according to our needs to successfully get the torch with the range we need.

Long life

Professional torches not only allow us to carry out activities for a longer time, but also the intensity will be much higher. You will be able to enjoy long sessions without fear of the light going out suddenly.

Quality lighting

When we buy a professional torch we look for quality lighting. Not only do we want it to have a long range, but we also want it to have the right intensity to illuminate our surroundings clearly and adequately to reach the distance we want.


Professional torches are made ofn más débiles y se rompen fácilmente.

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