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Disposable shoecovers-soft socks in different materials, polyethylene, tyvek, cpe. We also have boot-covers, sandals, all kinds of workwear clothes for the feet.
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Features of Disposable Shoe covers

In our online shop we have a wide variety of disposable shoe covers made of different materials of the highest quality.

Our products are perfect to avoid the direct contact of the shoes with the floor. Now you can buy disposable shoe covers for different industries, as they are designed for those sectors in which it is necessary to maintain proper hygiene.

We work to offer the best material that covers the work shoes, are of great resistance being able to spend hours and hours with them wearing intact.

They are of great elasticity, the worker can move with total freedom and comfort without worrying about them breaking.

Without a doubt, they perfectly isolate from chemical liquids to bacteria, giving 100% guaranteed safety and tranquillity.

In our catalogue you will find shoe covers with quality materials such as polyethylene or cpe. A wide range of possibilities where you can choose the product that best suits the needs of your sector.

Once they are used they have to be thrown away, but for as long as they are used they endure to perfection, they are waterproof so that the footwear does not get dirty during work.

Put in your shoes to work the quality disposable materials, they will give you a great chemical and thermal resistance with a complete waterproof.

We have disposable shoe covers in different colors, for different shoes, in addition most of these products have a single size that fits perfectly to the number of foot.

You can also buy them depending on the levels of protection they offer, if you have any questions you can ask our customer service, we will advise you which are the disposable shoe covers that best suit the conditions of the workplace and industry.

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