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In Reysan we have a wide catalogue of Victorinox knives, razors and sharpeners, a Swiss company specialised in professional cutlery products. In its extensive selection we can find from knives for chefs, for the meat industry and cutters, to Swiss Army knives and multi-purpose knives for professionals in any sector. Discover the high quality and performance of this brand.
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Why buy Victorinox cutlery products?

Victorinox is a company specialized in manufacturing cutlery products and one of the most relevant in this sector. Taking into account that the Swiss brand is a worldwide reference in terms of knives, Victorinox has taken advantage of all this potential by launching a range of precise and very high quality products.

All Victorinox knives, pocket knives and sharpeners are made in Switzerland offering a wide range of professional tools for daily use. They were pioneers in the use of “inox” for these products, although they also use other materials apart from stainless steel, such as an ultra-durable carbon compound that allows for spectacular results in terms of design and high-performance functionalities.

That is why at Reysan, we have an extensive Victorinox catalog to offer our customers the best cutlery products for their businesses. Do not miss the opportunity to buy this precise brand and discover the true precision at the time of cutting.

Victorinox catalog

Our extensive catalog of Victorinox products is specialized in knives, pocket knives and sharpeners for the meat and agri-food sectors.

Victorinox professional knives

Victorinox knives are a fundamental piece for any professional in the meat industry, chef or food sector for daily work. Among all its models, we can highlight the chef's knives made of stainless steel and perfectly sharp, or the paring knives, one of the most important tools in the kitchen for making complicated cuts.

Victorinox swiss army knives

For those professionals who need to be prepared for any situation, Swiss Army knives are the perfect tool. There are different sizes depending on the intended use, for example, large knives for a comfortable and precise grip with a locking system to work safely, or small knives to carry comfortably in your pocket.

Victorinox Sharpeners

Victorinox applies all its knowledge of cutlery to apply it to its sharpeners. In our catalog we have stainless steel knife sharpeners sharpener type to keep knives sharp as the first day.

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