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We have a wide range of dispensers for disposable products for industry and commerce, such as bags, aprons, gloves, coveralls, masks, booties and safety boxes for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Each type of dispenser is designed for specific spare parts that will adapt to it perfectly. Check out our wide range of disposable dispensers and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Bag dispensers

Find bag dispensers and combination platforms for the supply of gloves and bags, ideal for the fruit and nut area. Some models also incorporate a bin to facilitate recycling.

Glove dispensers

In both trade and industry single-use gloves are widely used items. We have specific dispensers for them, as well as for aprons, booties or apron covers. A dispenser for each type of disposable item is the best solution!

Mask dispensers

Masks are a necessity in many work environments, so make them easily available to your workers.

Apron dispenser

In butcher shops, fish shops and in the food industry in general, single-use aprons are in great demand.

For a variety of materials

Find also multipurpose dispensers to put the necessary item in the daily life of your sector or very specific dispensers such as umbrella bagging machines, visit kit suppliers or gowns or coveralls.

Safety boxes for PPE

Finally, we have safety boxes for Personal Protective Equipment such as helmets, goggles and hearing protectors, which will be stored and protected against dirt, dust and humidity.

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