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Welcome to our measuring instruments section where you can find deals with the best value for money. Check out our measuring equipment, salinometer and the special section on thermometers with and without probe, pH meters for solids and liquids, moreover we can provide these equipment with calibration certificate in models. If you do not find what you need, please contact us, surely we can provide them.

Measuring instruments for the industrial sector

This kind of measuring devices are very necessary to be able to quantify magnitudes accurately and reliably, so in Reysan Atlantic ® you can buy the best equipment at the best price.

Companies working in the industrial sector with poor quality electrical measuring instruments can cause economic losses, setbacks and incidents that can lead to many problems.

Companies need to work with the best measuring devices that are capable of measuring, analyzing and giving accurate and reliable information. Therefore, in our catalogue you will find the best products on the market.

Types of measuring instruments

In our catalogue we have a wide variety of industrial measuring devices, but not all of them serve to measure the same thing.

Measuring speed and time

In our online store we have equipment specialized in measuring these magnitudes such as chronometers, speedometers, clocks or manual counter. 

It is very important to measure and control the times, in addition to do it of precise form, a few seconds of difference can suppose to the companies many losses throughout the year. For this reason, we provide our customers with the best measuring devices. 

Controlling the temperature

If you're looking to record temperature variations accurately and reliably, Reysan Atlantic ® has everything from thermographs to contact and non-contact thermometers ready for you to buy the one that best suits your needs. We also have probes to control cold, humidity, penetration...

Force and Weight Measuring Devices

It is very important for companies working in the industrial sector to have the right material capable of measuring or calculating the weight of objects.
In our catalogue we have the force measurement equipment that meets the necessary conditions to measure accurately as dynamometers or scales.
Thickness measurement of objects.

For this type of measurements are used devices such as calibers, in our online store we have the latest technology in this type of equipment. 

With them the industrial companies will have the exact thicknesses and measures, they are devices of great quality even better price. 

Measuring devices for liquids and humidities

If you need to perform analysis of water, PH and chlorine we have specialized instruments for it, in addition to other types such as laboratory instruments, PH-meter or Hygrometer.

For those companies that work with liquids such as oil, we have specialized equipment for it. Our oil filter and frying oil meter are perfect to control in a simple way the moment in which the oil has to be changed. 

Other measuring devices

If you take samples and do other types of analysis such as measuring distances, we have the right equipment for it. 
In short, we have quality products for you, at economic and guarantee prices, a sure bet for your business!

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