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There are different types of containers depending on the type of application you want to use. On the one hand, we have the waste containers, ideal for conserving and keeping odours that are generated out of reach of people. On the other hand, containers with a storage function, ideal for storing and keeping your goods safe.
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In our extensive catalogue you can buy online waste containers ideal for any type of business such as industries, offices, hotels, restaurants and communities of neighbours.

We have different models and colours of containers to adapt to all types of businesses, from containers with lids and pedals to containers with wheels. We also have shopping trolleys and dollies to transport the containers and the most important ones. Find your ideal size to suit your needs.

Why is it necessary to have waste containers?

Every industry and business in the world generates waste and rubbish, so it is essential to have at least one waste container. They allow for the proper treatment of conventional waste, organic waste, rubbish, liquids and any product, but above all, they encourage recycling because they allow for the separation of different types of materials.

In this way, we will promote hygiene and waste organisation by knowing the different containers according to the type of waste we want to store, as well as avoiding external odours and improving the transport and recycling of such waste.

Not all waste should be stored in the same container, but we should know where each type of waste goes. For example, a plastic waste should be stored with only plastics to favour its recycling, a chemical waste should be in a special container to avoid perforations and leaks of toxic substances, and finally, an organic waste should be in a container with only organic products.

Types of containers

At Reysan we have different types of containers to adapt to the needs of each of our clients.

Containers with lid and pedal

Containers with lids are designed to prevent odours from being expelled to the outside. In addition, by opening and closing it by means of a pedal mechanism, we avoid cross-contamination between our workers as we do not touch bacteria or waste.

Containers with wheels

Wheeled bins are designed to easily transport any type of waste. To do this, as they have 2 wheels, you only have to tilt the container from the safety container itself.

Tipping container

Designed for the collection of general waste and the transport of goods thanks to its easy manoeuvrability. It has 4 wheels to avoid heavy loads.

Containers with different capacities

At Reysan we have different capacities in our containers to adapt to any of our customers' needs. We have from 80 litres to 1100 litres capacity and different sizes.

Containers for animal carcasses

Necessary for industries such as meat industries. Ideal to avoid external odours and to mix it with common waste.

Individual waste bins with high capacity

These bins are ideal for jobs where a large amount of rubbish and waste is generated by workers. This way, they will have bins close to their workspace without the need to empty them every so often.

Recycling bins

All our bin models are available in different colours and sizes, so that you can differentiate each bin according to the type of waste you want to dispose of.

Generally, there are already predetermined colours for each type of waste, so below we show the different types of colours of the recycling containers.

  • Blue: The blue bin is for paper and cardboard. This type of container is designed to store any type of cardboard from boxes, cardboard packaging and any type of paper such as newspapers, magazines, documents, leaflets, wrapping paper, publication banners, among others.
  • Yellow: The yellow container is suitable for recycling plastics, cans and packaging. All materials made of plastic should be stored in this type of container. These include plastic bottles, food packaging, plastic bags, milk cartons, etc.
  • Red: The red container is more special, it is not often found in urban areas, and is intended to contain toxic and hazardous waste, such as hospital waste or batteries. When people talk about the red container, they are mainly talking about hazardous waste.
  • Green: The green bin is intended to contain household waste and waste that does not fit into the other categories.
  • Black: The black bin is intended for organic waste such as food waste.

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