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Welcome to our first-aid section where you can find deals with the best value for money. Check our detectable band-aids or strips and the special section on emergency eyewash and our semi-automatic defibrillator in the miscellaneous section, where you can find all its features. If you do not find what you need, please contact us, surely we can provide them.

Accidents are the order of the day, depending on the sector and workplace the risks of suffering an incident are greater than others.

If you need first aid material for your company, on our website you will find the products that best suit the needs of your business.

Companies implement risk prevention measures, in fact it is mandatory to have in the workplace independently if you operate in the hospitality sector, metal ..., a first aid kit with the best products on the market and that are not past date.

Accidents such as cuts or small blows can usually be cured or minimize the pain of the worker in the same workplace, with an ointment, first aid kit or tapes for the suture.

Purchasing quality, affordable first aid equipment is critical to effectively reducing and curing the pain of these small impacts and cuts.

There is another type of more serious incident, which if not cured instantly can lead to a greater problem. An example is eye-related accidents. If a liquid or a small piece of material enters the eye, having an eyewash will prevent your worker from suffering greater damage.

In Reysan we have gathered in this first aid section the best quality and variety of eyewash products, we have manual models, murals, sprinklers or with built-in shower.

There are much more serious accidents that can happen without waiting, such as cardiac arrest, having a defibrillator will be decisive in saving your life.

In short, buying first aid products is an investment, it is beneficial for prevention in the health of your workers. On our website you will find everything from first aid kits to defibrillators, which will become a life insurance for your company.

Choose from our offer those materials that best suit your needs and working conditions, we work to always get you quality at the best price.

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