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Safety and emergency signs are mandatory in many workplaces and establishments. From Reysan we offer you the signalling elements you need to comply with the law and turn the space into a safe and well signposted place.

Buying safety signs will allow you to quickly draw attention to a hazard and comply with current legislation with your approved signs. Find what you are looking for on our website or visit our signage catalogue. You can find from industrial safety signs to warning signs . Do not hesitate to ask us for all the necessary information!

Sale of signs of occupational hazards and evacuation

In our catalogue of signs you will find signalling elements adapted to the regulations together with their definition, their measurements and their different uses. The signs we have must be used to indicate the location of devices and equipment important for safety. These are some of the cases:

  • Obligatory signs: they force a certain behaviour and their shape must be round with the white pictogram on a blue background.
  • Prohibition signs: Prohibit behaviour likely to cause a danger and are round in shape with the black pictogram on a white background, with the edges and the transverse band in red.
  • Warning signs: warn of a risk or danger and are triangular with the black pictogram on yellow background and black border.
  • Distress signals: indicate the location of firefighting equipment and their pictogram is white on a red background.
  • Evacuation signs: they provide information on evacuation exits, first aid or life-saving devices and their pictogram is white on a green background.
  • Informative signs: their format is rectangular with the white pictogram on a blue background and help to orientate oneself inside the building.

In terms of materials, we offer different options that include polystyrene, adhesive vinyl, aluminium lacquered in white, aluminium in gold or silver, PVC or methacrylate, some of them with a photoluminescent option.

We also have accessories for works and parking, frames for signs, poles, signage accessories, separators and embellishers.

Buy safety signs quickly and easily

Correct signposting is necessary to warn of occupational hazards, show evacuation routes and inform quickly and clearly about a hazard in a given space.

It should be borne in mind that all pictograms, colors, sizes and geometric shapes that are part of the signs in this catalog, comply with Royal Decree 2177/1996 of 4 October, which approves the basic building standard "N.B.E.-CPI-96".

You will find all the details in our catalogue, which we invite you to consult to find the definition and meaning of the signs you need. To request more information and place your order, please fill in the sign form, indicating the sign model of the catalogue you wish to order.

Our Reysan team is a specialist in signage and will inform you about the signals you need to equip your premises, establishment or workstation.

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