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Do you need hearing protection at work? If so, you will find it in the appropriate section, where you will find orejeras and plugs for work use. We have earmuffs, cup ear protectors, ear muffs and earplugs.
These Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) are often used in metal processing work environments, automotive, airports, construction, textile companies, chemical and pharmaceutical factories or industries. Protect yourself from harmful noise when working with hearing protection systems !
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Hearing protection at work with earmuffs and earplugs

The most common options for protecting your ears at work are two: earmuffs (also known as helmets) and earplugs. They are used to protect against harmful noise in work environments where the noise level is high or very high.

Earplugs for Noisy Work Environments

First, there are the earplugs, made of a flexible material that molds to the ear. Two types of earplugs are available: single-use and reusable, which can be reused if washed and stored in the correct conditions. To facilitate this maintenance, we have tampons for work with box included for storage after use.

One of the disadvantages of tampons is that it is very easy for them to fall to the ground and be lost. For this reason, there is a model of earplugs with cord and band, which allow them not to be lost if they come out of the ears. You will also find boxes of 500 pairs of earplugs to distribute to workers at specific times or for visitors.

Earmuffs: protection against intermittent noise

Secondly, we have another method of protection against noise, earmuffs. They are more common in work environments where people need intermittent protection. They are generally more comfortable than earplugs and can be easily removed after using a particular machine, listening to commands or having a conversation.

A wide variety of Peltor and other hearing protectors are available, designed to provide noise protection from the most moderate to the highest levels. So you'll find earmuffs with built-in helmets, foldable earmuffs, special earmuffs for forestry, cup earmuffs and even earmuffs with cables that allow the operator to connect their earmuffs to ambient music, radio or receive orders from colleagues.

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