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The safety helmet is a basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) aimed at safety in an area as sensitive as the head.
Construction workers, road equipment, security personnel, firefighters, carpenters or welders use the protection cases to protect themselves in their tasks both occasions and day to day. If you want to buy a work helmet or chin strap, discover our extensive catalog of PPE for head protection.
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Types of protective helmets

At Reysan we sell different types of work helmets and head protection. We summarize the main types of helmets that we have in our catalog. However, if you don't find the PPE you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact us, we may be able to help you. 

  • Personalized safety helmets: look for and find your perfect equipment among our safety helmets, in different colours and with different adjustments and soft coverings to avoid sweat and favour comfort. 
  • Transparent helmet: helmet work to maintain vision through the visor and sides without the need to tilt the head. 
  • Protective helmets with screen: this type of helmet includes a lightweight and compact facial screen that offers respiratory, facial, eye and integrated head protection, with shoulder and neck coverage options. 
  • Barebacked Helmets: Most of our helmets include this helmet support, although if you don't and would like to add it we also have bareback that we sell individually. 
  • Sports helmets: helmets to practice sports where head protection is necessary, such as football.

In addition to buying a helmet for work protection, we also provide you with wardrobes or safety boxes to store it properly.

Safety helmet: head protection and much more

n addition to the head, these PPE, depending on the model, can protect from many other things. In our section we have different degrees of safety and protection against situations of occupational risk that can be in each of the professions. Thus, you will find models prepared to protect against different types of accidents:

  • Accidental contact with conductors with a voltage of up to 440 V in alternating current.
  • Molten metal splashes.
  • Impacts of low temperatures.
  • Impacts of molten metal.
  • Resistant to lateral deformation.
  • Integrated respiratory, facial, ocular and head protection.

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