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We have a good range of sharpeners for different uses and needs. Our range of knife sharpeners vary from shops and restaurants to industrial sharpeners for slaughterhouses and filleting rooms. All our knife sharpeners are manufactured with top quality materials that ensure a lasting and trustworthy use.

Choose your professional knife sharpening machine

Choose from our wide variety of professional knife sharpening machines at different prices and navigate between a wide range of machines for sharpening professional knives. In this section we have manual sharpening machines, automatic sharpeners and all kinds of spare parts such as stones and tapes.

Manual sharpening machines

Thanks to manual sharpening machines, you will get a sharpening similar to the quality of a sharpener. They are easy-to-clean, maintenance-free tools which, thanks to their simplified knife sharpening technique, replace the classic sharpener. You can also buy the sharpener and its base separately.

Automatic sharpener

Automatic sharpeners include the powerful Dick sharpening machine, especially for large-scale industry, retail trade and sharpening workshops, which perfectly sharpens knives, cutter knives or table knives with saw teeth. Others, such as the Nasfil sharpener, are also intended for professional use, in this case in slaughterhouses and filleting rooms. The models favour longer knife life, thanks to the reduction of wear during sharpening.

Among the machines for sharpening knives and scissors, the Dick SM-140 model of sharpening machine stands out, ideal for both the trade and the meat industry. The priority in our automatic sharpeners is that they are safe and easy to use and that they wear out the knife as little as possible, leaving it as good as new.

Spare parts for sharpening machines

We have all kinds of spare parts for the tape knife sharpening machine and any kind of electric sharpener. All the necessary accessories to keep your sharpening machines in good condition such as sharpening pieces, tapes, sharpening stones and slibettes, you will find them here.

Other hospitality machines

If you are looking for other types of machines, you can visit our section on hospitality machinery. In addition, we have a wide catalogue of professional vacuum machines to increase the time of conservation of the food.

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