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Don't miss out on our wide range of steel mesh gloves and cut-resistant safety gloves made from the strongest and lightest materials. Offering great freedom of movement for your hands and maximum protection against cuts, they are ideal for all kinds of professional jobs such as industrial sectors or as butchers' gloves. Discover the best protection for your hands.
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Showa 546W Gloves

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Where to buy steel mail gloves?

There are many sectors such as, for example, the food industry, where there is constantly exposed to many risks. One of the most common accidents is cuts and injuries to the hands.

To do this, at Reysan we work so that workers have the best mesh gloves to protect them in the event of any accident, providing them with maximum safety in their hands.

Our work gloves are made with the lightest and most resistant materials such as stainless steel, to guarantee maximum flexibility and freedom in the hands to work comfortably.

Sale of anti-cut safety gloves

As we have said, the hands are one of the most vulnerable parts of the body because they are exposed to cuts, blows or other types of accidents.

The anti-cut safety gloves have become essential in the meat industry. While handling industrial meat machinery, meat grinders or handling professional cutting knives, carelessness can cause injuries and irreversible consequences.

In our online store you will find: a wide selection of anti-cut gloves that prevent the incursion of knives, sharpeners and machinery.

Butcher gloves with protection against cuts and for fishmongers

We are well aware of the importance of protecting our hands in workplaces where we constantly work with sharp materials, such as butcher shops and fishmongers

The butcher gloves and the fishmonger gloves are made of stainless steel to provide maximum protection when handling meat and food, making it easier at all times the agile and efficient handling of the knife.

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