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We have a large selection of professional cleaning trolleys and buckets for any type of space. Maintain proper hygiene in your business with our trolleys designed to carry out cleaning tasks comfortably and efficiently. We also have service trolleys with trays and bags ideal for laundries.
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Why buy professional cleaning trolleys?

Our cleaning trolleys make professional cleaning of large surfaces easy and effective. They are ideal for public areas such as offices, hotels, industries or offices, maintaining proper hygiene in the premises.

The design of our trolleys is designed so that cleaning staff can enjoy a complete and multifunctional equipment, saving time in the performance of their duties.

They will have multiple storage options available to keep their items and cleaning products safe and organised, as well as being able to transport them comfortably.

At Reysan we have cleaning trolleys in different materials such as PVC or stainless steel, as well as accessories and spare parts. We also have service trolleys with trays and bags with lids, ideal for laundries.

Functionalities of professional cleaning trolleys

The main function of a cleaning trolley is for cleaning professionals to transport all their utensils and products comfortably and on the same platform. They are essential for large surfaces because they make the operator's work more dynamic and make the products they need more accessible.

In addition, good cleaning is transformed into a positive image for your brand. When our customers see that we are more concerned about cleanliness, it generates more confidence.

Advantages of cleaning trolleys

  • Large storage capacity.
  • Easy to move thanks to its 360º wheels.
  • Resistant and durable thanks to their top quality materials.
  • Easy access to utensils and cleaning products thanks to being able to keep everything organised.


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