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Are you ready to deal with first aid in your company? In Reysan we provide you with this set of indispensable tools in the workplace. You will find different proposals such as adapted food handling kits, mouth-to-mouth kits, kits with detectable materials or intervention kits for all types of treatment.
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Different models of first-aid kits for companies

The legislation states that every workplace must have a first aid kit to be able to provide assistance to potential injured workers. Kits should generally include disinfectants and antiseptics, sterile gauze, cotton, bandages, tape, adhesive dressings, scissors, tweezers and disposable gloves.

Complete First Aid Kits

The complete medicine cabinets are designed to attend to the most general cures. To have at hand in any company and business, they include support.

First aid cases for food

In any case, the first-aid kit can be adapted to the activity carried out in the company. Thus, in Reysan Atlantic ® you can also buy first-aid kits adapted to the hotel trade, confectionery, butchery or the food industry, among other sectors. Those intended for food handlers include all the elements for the cure in blue.

Special First Aid Kits

Depending on the activity carried out by the company, it will be necessary to equip itself with specific elements. At Reysan Atlantic ® we offer you kits for cleaning the eyes, for making mouth-to-mouth, compression kits with compresses and compressive cure or a device that allows you to keep a cold amputated limb until the hospital.

We also have kits of detectable materials and kits with a single product, such as alcohol doses and special dressings.

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