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The tool control system that guarantees precise and automated traceability

The tool control system that guarantees precise and automated traceability

In today's world, where efficiency and safety are fundamental aspects in any work environment, tool management has become a highly important task. It is essential to know who ;n work with what tool, if the employee has the necessary authorization, if the tool is reserved and whether the tool management process is working efficiently.

To answer these questions and improve the control of the tools, we have the RFID system, an acronym for the English radio-frequency identification, a technology that aims to identify and record data and that includes RFID material, software and tools, providing immediate and fully automatic tracking of the tools used, in addition to detailed documentation under quality standards. At the touch of a button you get a complete overview of your tools at any time and without interruption, in terms of stock, history, status and assignment to people.

In other words, we talk about optimizing traceability or traceability, referring as such to the "ability to trace the history, application or location ;n of an entity through registered indications."

What are the advantages of accurate and automated tool management?

One of the most notable advantages of the RFIDICK system is the increased levels of security. By reducing downtime caused by damaged or lost tools, greater efficiency is achieved at work. Additionally, by identifying each knife or tool individually, theft is prevented and its complete history can be tracked, including current assignment. This not only improves security, but also helps comply with leading international standards, such as the International Featured Standards (IFS), and allows quality standards to be confirmed during customer audits.

Another important advantage of the RFID system is its flexibility and ability to adapt to the needs of each company. The system is modular and can be customized according to the facilities and individual requirements of each client. . In addition to the incorporation of RFID chips in cutlery, mesh gloves, steel, knives, it can also be incorporated into clothing and any other product.

Save time, reduce costs and improve data overview and analysis, contributing to more efficient management.

Efficient and safe tool supply with the RFID dispensing cabinet

The RFID tool dispensing system through a dispensing cabinet guarantees a safe and efficient supply. Its concept is modular and flexible, with design and configuration options. It can connect to the ERP system and the company network.

The doors to the dispensing cabinet have a reader equipped with T³ TOOL + TRACK + TRACE, which authorizes and records its opening to employees, through the use of a PIN code or RFID card. At the same time, it allows you to restrict access as necessary.

The software provides real-time information on the stock in the cabinet, nearby tools and the history of pick-ups and returns. Any changes, shortages or defects in tools are displayed instantly. neatly on the screen.

This system encourages quality awareness and self-responsibility among employees. By viewing the status of tools in real time, they are trained to properly handle high-value tools. This promotes greater awareness of the quality of work and responsibility in its management, reducing the loss or misuse of tools.

Knives with RFID technology: automatic and hassle-free tracking

The DICK knife series with RFID system features a distinctive design with a turquoise handle. They incorporate RFID chips that allow automatic contactless identification, simplifying the individual assignment of personnel, promoting automatic traceability and replacing the manual labeling.In addition, they offer exceptional benefits such as proven grip, long blade life, balanced hardness, work comfort and corrosion-resistant blades.

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The complete RFIDICK system

The complete system consists of a tool management station for issues and returns with a PC, a reader system and a personnel chip reading device integrated into the table. All of this connects to dispensing cabinets and tools, which can be knives, sharpening steels, knife baskets or protective clothing.


The RFIDICK system is a complete solution for the efficient and safe management of tools and knives. With RFID technology, each tool becomes a unique product, allowing for clear assignment and automatic tracking. The system includes an RFID tool dispensing cabinet and specialized software to ensure controlled supply and accurate traceability. This reduces theft, improves quality management and adapts to the needs of each company. In short, the RFIDICK system optimizes tool management and offers significant benefits.


RFIDICK Tool Tracking and Management System Distributors

As we have seen, Dick's RFID tool management system offers numerous advantages in terms of security, efficiency and quality. With its automatic and continuous tracking, your With its clear assignability and flexibility, this system is positioned as a new standard in tool management.By reducing costs, improving overview and anna data lysis, and complying with prominent international standards, is presented as a comprehensive solution to optimize processes and improve productivity in any work environment.

At Reysan, as distributors of the RFIDICK complete tool management system, we help you find the perfect solution for your needs. If you need more information about it or require advice to place your order, contact our team of experts so they can help you with whatever you need.

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