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What features should high-visibility workwear have?

What features should high-visibility workwear have?

High-visibility workwear is an essential element to ensure the safety of workers in work environments and to prevent accidents.

This type of clothing is characterised by its bright colour, usually yellow or fluorescent orange, and reflective bands that make workers visible even in low light conditions.

They are generally used by workers in industry, construction, roads, transport and any other sector that involves contact with heavy machinery or in low visibility situations. It is important to note that high-visibility workwear must be worn correctly to ensure its effectiveness, and that it should always be worn during the working day and kept in good condition.

Below we explain what features hi-visibility clothing should have and the best garments currently available on the market.

What features should high visibility clothing have?

High-visibility workwear must have certain specific characteristics to ensure the safety of workers in high-risk work environments. Some of the characteristics that this type of clothing must have are:

  • Eye-catching colours: High-visibility work clothing should have striking colours such as fluorescent yellow or orange, allowing workers to be easily seen even in low light conditions. These colours should be fluorescent to increase their visibility during the day.
  • Reflective strips: In addition to the eye-catching colour, it should have reflective bands that increase worker visibility in low light conditions, such as at night or in poorly lit locations. These bands should be located in strategic locations such as the shoulders, waist and sleeves.
  • Fluorescent material: High-visibility clothing should have a fluorescent fabric surface that allows ultraviolet rays to bounce off and be converted into visible light. This is a type of material intended for daytime use.
  • Retroreflective material: Also for working environments with low light conditions or performed at night time, the fabric should be made of retroreflective material, which causes light to reflect (bounce) back to the same direction from which it comes.
  • Resistant materials: High-visibility clothing should be made of tough, durable materials.
  • Comfort: Despite its strength, clothing should be comfortable for the worker and allow them to move easily to perform their work without restriction.
  • Comply with safety standards: High-visibility clothing should comply with safety standards set by international bodies, such as EN ISO 20471, which sets out requirements for high-visibility clothing used in work environments.

What are the regulations governing high-visibility work clothing?

The standard that regulates high visibility workwear is EN ISO 20471, which indicates the requirements that high visibility clothing must meet to ensure worker safety and improve their visibility in low light environments, under daylight and/or under headlamp illumination in the dark in high risk situations or adverse weather conditions.

This standard is categorised into classes 1, 2 or 3 according to the material surface and level of visibility of the garment taking into account the following aspects:

  • Class 1: Minimum level of protection required. Workers wearing class 1 garments must be able to be fully seen by drivers of vehicles and machinery in situations where these vehicles are not travelling at speeds of over 30 km/h. The type of workers who need to wear these class 1 garments are, for example: workers exposed to traffic in warehouses and car parks.
  • Class 2: Aims to ensure that the worker can be fully seen in adverse weather conditions and in workplaces where machinery or vehicles run at more than 40 km/h (up to a total of 60 km/h). This level of High Visibility is more focused on workers working in close proximity to traffic.
  • Class 3: It is required for anyone working in places where vehicles are travelling at speeds of 60 km/h and above, motorways, dual carriageways or in and around airports.

The best reflective clothing for work

When choosing hi-visibility work wear for workers, the risk to which they are exposed must be known in order to make the right choice. This ensures individual protection for workers and safe performance of their work.

Below, we show different garments that comply with all the characteristics and regulations that high-visibility clothing for work must meet.


The high-visibility long-sleeved polo shirt is perfect for work in low-light environments and sectors where high visibility of workers is required. Thanks to the reflective tapes on the torso and sleeves, workers are visible from far away. It also has a patch pocket on the chest area for convenient storage of any items needed. 100% polyester, 160 gr/m2, this polo shirt is lightweight and comfortable. Complies with CAT. II, EN ISO 20471:2013 and EN ISO 13688:2013, guaranteeing high quality and maximum safety.

16,95 € / u. (VAT not including)



The high-visibility fridge jacket protects against extreme cold while ensuring maximum safety thanks to its high visibility. It complies with European standards EN 342:2017/Class 2x/lcler=0.344 m² K/W (B)/EN ISO 13688:2013 and can withstand temperatures as low as -40°C. In addition, its outer design includes a fleece lining inside the collar, reinforced shoulders and an elongated rear tail for comfort and wind protection. In addition, the jacket also features multiple pockets and tapered round sleeves with quick release fasteners, allowing you to keep warmth inside to protect against extreme cold at all times.

159,80 € / u. (VAT not including)



The high visibility sweatshirt is perfect for keeping the worker safe and comfortable in low light situations. It is designed with reflective tapes on the chest, back and sleeves, making it more visible to others. It also features a high collar with nylon half-zip closure and reinforced seams for durability. In addition, it has elasticated cuffs and waistband and two inner side pockets for convenience. The interior has a soft, warm finish to keep you warm. The composition is 80% polyester and 20% cotton in the main part, and 100% polyester in the high visibility part. 280 gr/m2. Standards CAT. II, EN ISO 20471:2013 AND EN ISO 14058.

31,60 € / u. (VAT not including)



The Tech short sleeve reflective T-shirt is perfect for workers who need a comfortable and safe garment. Made of 100% polyester and 160 gr/m2, this garment is lightweight and breathable. Its hi-visibility design combined with reflective tapes on the chest, back and sleeves increase safety and visibility in low-light conditions, offering increased protection at work. All in all, the Tech T-shirt offers comfort, style and protection.

10,90 € / u. (VAT not including)


Experts in high visibility workwear

At Reysan we are experts in high visibility workwear and workwear for all sectors, especially industrial. We are committed to the safety and well-being of workers in any work environment.

Our wide range of products includes high visibility clothing, flame retardant clothing, protective clothing against the cold, coveralls, safety footwear, protective gloves and personal protective equipment. We work with the most advanced materials and technologies to offer our clients the best quality in our products.

In addition, at Reysan we have a team of experts in work safety and risk prevention who are at your disposal to advise you at all times on which garments and PPE are the most suitable for your job and company. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need advice during your online purchase.

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