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Do you need a solution to get rid of flies and insects in your premises? Often, insects such as the black fly, the common mosquito or the Tiger mosquito can be responsible for scaring off the clientele of bars, restaurants and hotels. In Reysan we offer you a solution: fly killers and electronic mosquito killers.
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Insect exterminators: an ally in your business

One of the most effective solutions for killing flies and mosquitoes in your premises is electric insect exterminators, which cover a wide surface area, depending on the model.

We have models of different brands, including our own, Surey Clean, with which we offer you one of the best quality and price proposals of stainless steel fly killers. See also our insect exterminator with electric grill, which can be installed on the wall or suspended from the ceiling with the chain. If you need a discreet exterminator for your business, we offer alternatives with professional matt white finishes.

Another alternative is the insecticide. At Reysan we have an insecticide with natural pyrethrin that combines natural pyrethrin with synthetic pyrethroid effective against black fly, common mosquito, tiger mosquito and other insects.

Replacement tubes and leaves for electronic fly killers

Finally, we offer you spare parts for energy-saving tubes and fluorescents for the exterminators, as well as sheet packs for the different models.

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