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In the food and hospitality industry it is mandatory to have a pest control certificate in order to obtain a health licence. Fly killers and insect exterminators are an effective solution to keep a space free of pests. In Reysan we offer you a solution: fly killers and electronic mosquito killers.
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Why buy fly killers and insect exterminators?

In industries and food handling businesses, it is mandatory to have a pest control certificate. One of the main problems in this sector is the large amount of flies, insects and pests that are generated around the business, especially in summer and in times of high temperatures.

It is therefore highly recommended to be able to control these pests in order to run the business without any problems. The most effective solution is to buy a fly swatter or insect exterminator.

Because a business where there are different types of pests conveys a completely negative image to customers, in addition to the risk of receiving a fine for health infringement.

Types of insect exterminators

We can find different types of insect exterminators, but obviously, taking into account that they are essential in food industries and where food is handled, we are going to exclude insecticides in this typology because they are composed of chemical substances that can come into contact with food. We can highlight two types according to their mechanism:

  • Adhesive trap: It attracts insects thanks to its ultraviolet light or through odours and thanks to its adhesive trap it traps the insects.
  • Electric grill: It attracts insects in the same way, but with the difference that it reaches the insect with an electric shock, leaving it completely eliminated.

Insect exterminators: an ally in your business

One of the most effective solutions for killing flies and mosquitoes in your premises is electric insect exterminators, which cover a wide surface area, depending on the model.

We have models of different brands, including our own, Surey Clean, with which we offer you one of the best quality and price proposals of stainless steel fly killers. See also our insect exterminator with electric grill, which can be installed on the wall or suspended from the ceiling with the chain. If you need a discreet exterminator for your business, we offer alternatives with professional matt white finishes.

Another alternative is the insecticide. At Reysan Atlantic ® we have an insecticide with natural pyrethrin that combines natural pyrethrin with synthetic pyrethroid effective against black fly, common mosquito, tiger mosquito and other insects.

Replacement tubes and leaves for electronic fly killers

Finally, we offer you spare parts for energy-saving tubes and fluorescents for the exterminators, as well as sheet packs for the different models.

Fluorescent tubes should be changed every 6 months as they lose power over time and are no longer as useful.

Adhesive stickers should be replaced frequently, in this way, we will maintain a correct hygiene in our business.

What should I consider for an insect exterminator?

  • Place the insect exterminator as high as possible to avoid visual discomfort due to ultraviolet light.
  • It should also be placed in a space away from both customers and foodstuffs to avoid insects in the most critical areas of the business.
  • In the case of being located in a warehouse or industry, always place it at an accessible height. If we place it too high, we may have problems when it comes to cleaning it. 
  • Clean the collection trays frequently to maintain optimum hygiene.
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