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Wide range of meat machinery for the meat industry. We highlight our sharpeners, knives, aprons, animal slaughter items, livestock equipment, mixers, sausagers ...

Machinery and utensils for meat and sausages

In this section you will find the best meat machinery for working meat and sausage such as meat mincers, hamburgers, meat softeners, kneaders, cold meat and fillet cutters, debarkers for ham or vacuum packers. And if you are looking for a good knife, in our section you have more than a dozen brands with many types of cutlery for you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Absolute, 3 Carnations, Dick, Fischer, Granton or Java are some of the brands of professional knives that we distribute in Spain. And, of course, there is also a wide range of automatic and manual sharpening machines and all their spare parts.

We have the best quality stainless steel band saws and cutting saws. You will also find everything you need for the safe transport of animals and for the protection of the worker thanks to the mesh aprons.

Our wide range of products for the meat industry also includes the decoration of display cases, price holders, posters, labels, pencils and marking sprays, security seals and nets and covers for ham and other meats. Everything has been thought out, from production to sale, so that nothing is missing in the meat trade.

The best technology for the meat industry

From Reysan we try to offer the best technology in our articles for the meat industry, such as ozone sterilizers or grape (UV) or water sterilizers, the most hygienic and highest quality.

In addition, we know how important is the hygiene and healthiness in the workplace, so we are continually working on getting you the best machines in the market. In this sense, we have everything necessary for the study of Trichinella, animal identifiers, material for livestock and for the slaughter of animals.

In the meat industry, performance in quality, work and productivity depends to a large extent on materials and machines. That is why we sell machines that are easy to use and made of lighter materials, you will avoid unnecessary effort.

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