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Find the best safety goggles from our range of eye protection items. We offer leading brands such as 3M, Bolle, Nassau or Fahrenheit. Our safety goggles come with all kinds of technologies which can be adapted to the needs of the user: Anti-fog, anti-splash, ventilation, ultra-light, safety goggles with led, etc. If you do not find what you are looking for please contact us. At Reysan - industrial clothing we will advise you to find the product that best suits your needs.
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Safety goggles for maximum protection

The eyes are one of the parts of the body most exposed to accidents.

Most accidents that occur in this area are very serious, so it is essential to work with glasses that protect them 100%. In Reysan Atlantic ® we are aware of the risks and consequences that can occur when working in this type of sectors and therefore we provide high quality safety glasses at an affordable price.

In our wide selection of products you will find anti-fog glasses to be able to work for hours without having to remove the glasses to clean the mist that prevents seeing, as well as ventilation systems to prevent the accumulation of sweat.

We also have models with anti-splash system, which protect the eyes from abrasion or the entry of small pieces and even specific glasses for white rooms.

The latest technology for your eyes

In our catalogue you will find the best brands, such as 3M or Nassau, with a great track record and prestige in this market. We also bet on the latest technology and more, when it comes to avoiding accidents that directly affect the eyes. Our years of experience allow us to know the needs of workers and provide them with the material they require specifically for each position.

Our models offer a high level of protection in areas related to the handling of chemicals, pharmaceutical industry, general manufacturing, metallurgy, mining, construction or food industry.

Choose the safety goggles adapted to your workplace with the help of Reysan. If you have any questions about these products, you can contact our customer service, where we will advise you to find the safety eyewear that best suits your needs.

Protective eyewear according to EN166 standard

Our protective eyewear is in compliance with the EN166 standard because it is the minimum requirement that any protective eyewear must meet. These basic requirements are regarding field of vision, strength, resistance, corrosion and ignition.

The degree of eye protection is differentiated by means of a letter, we can find:

Mercanic risks

  • Without symbol: Minimum mechanical resistance.
  • F: Medium energy impact resistance, 45 m/s.
  • B: Resistance to high energy impact, 120 m/s.
  • A: Resistencia a impacto de alta energía, 190 m/s.
  • T: Resistance to high particle velocity and extreme temperatures.

Chemical hazards

  • 3: Resistance to liquid drops and splashes.Resistencia a gotas y salpicaduras de líquidos.
  • 4: Resistance to coarse dust particles up to 5 microns. 
  • 5: Resistance to gas and fine dust particles down to 5 microns.

Electrical hazards

  • 8: Resistance to short-circuit electric arc.

Thermal hazards

  • 9: Resistance to adhesion of molten metal and hot solids.
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