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Professional vacuum packing and wrapping machines. The most efficient way to preserve food

The industrial vacuum packaging machines allow to prolong in perfect condition the preservation of food as well as saving costs.

Professional vacuum packing and wrapping machines. The most efficient way to preserve food

Professional vacuum packing machines are a great investment for any type of business or industry that manufactures, processes, distributes and sells food. This is because these chambers help to properly preserve food and products, extending their shelf life.

Vacuum packaging is a technique that consists of extracting the air and sealing the food in a specific bag, eliminating the oxygen that exists inside the package, thus preventing the growth of aerobic bacteria responsible for food spoilage.

This makes it possible to increase the shelf life of food by weeks, months and even years, depending on the way we decide to preserve the package. Below, we will explain the advantages and what we should take into account when choosing a vacuum packing machine suitable for our type of business.

Benefits of vacuum packaging:

1. Cost reduction

By being able to preserve and keep food for a much longer time, you save costs by not having to dispose of excess production.

2. Reduce oxidation and bacterial growth

We achieve this by extracting the air which is largely made up of oxygen.

By stopping the oxidative activity of the food, bacteria and molds are eliminated. In this way we manage to maintain the flavor, texture, nutritional values and aroma of the food. When we decide to open the plastic bag, the color and flavors will be preserved much better than with other systems.

3. Keeping food fresh without the need to freeze it

Vacuum packaging prolongs the shelf life by two to four times, depending on the amount of water and fat in the food. For example, it is ideal for butchers and meat industries because it can prolong the preservation of fresh meat up to 15-20 days, and for fishmongers because it can preserve fish for 4-6 days.

4. Increasing the shelf life of frozen products for years

Another of the great benefits for industries and businesses that preserve food through freezing, prolongs its conservation up to 1 year in perfect conditions.

5. New ways of cooking and preparing food

Finally, and very importantly, they are used as a new way of preparing and cooking food. For example, for meat industries and butchers, vacuum packing machines not only work as preservers, but they are also a very effective tool for marinating meats and fresh foods, and are also used in restaurants due to the new trend of cooking products at low temperatures through vacuum packaging.

What to consider when choosing a vacuum packing machine for my business?

  • Power. Vacuum packing machines are recommended to have a power of at least 100 W. Then you can find up to 2200w for industries that need more power.

  • The size. The size of the products to be packaged must be taken into account. We can find small table-top packaging machines up to large floor-standing machines that can even have a double chamber to optimize the work.

  • Materials. The material is another factor to take into account when choosing a vacuum packing machine, because it will not only make a difference in the resistance of the machine, but it is also necessary to choose materials that are easy to disinfect and clean. The most suitable material is stainless steel.

  • The sealing system. There are different bag sealing systems, but the most efficient is the heat sealer.

Our best professional vacuum packing machines

Among all the models we have, we would like to highlight the tabletop vacuum packing machines, made entirely of stainless steel. They offer a system of 6 memory programs that with its individual display provides an easy reading and operation. In addition, its heat resistance is easily removable so you can enjoy greater convenience when cleaning the hood.

Vacuum packing machine 300

Industrial tabletop packaging machine 300

Chamber dimensions: 310 x 350 x 190 mm

Sealing bar: 300 mm removable cables with disconnectable cables

1.576,90 € / u.  1.261,52 € / u. (IVA not included)

Vacuum packing machine 400

Vacuum packing machine Small Digital

Chamber dimensions: 410 x 450 x 220 mm

Sealing bar: 400 mm removable cables with disconnectable cables

1.790,20 € / u.  1.432,16 € / u. (IVA not included)

Film wrapping machines. Another method of preservation and packaging.

Film is one of the most popular methods of preserving and freezing food. It has outstanding food preservation properties.

By completely wrapping the food, we avoid drips, spills or leaks of liquids due to sauces and juices from the inside, and we also avoid the transmission and absorption of colors.

By packaging the product, the freshness and flavor of all foods is preserved.

Ideal for packaging foods such as meat, fruits, fish…

It guarantees maximum protection of the food and prevents it from coming into contact with external agents that could alter its properties.

To properly preserve and not spoil food in film, we must ensure that we have packaged them perfectly. To do this, we offer you the best film wrappers made of stainless steel to ensure that you can always keep your food in perfect condition.

Film wrapping machine 450

Welding 450 mm

Dimensions are 500 x 610 x 135 mm

200,15 € / u.  160,12 € / u. (IVA not included)

Film wrapping machine 460

460 mm welding machine

Dimensions 650 x 520 x 180 mm

179,35 € / u.  143,48 € / u. (IVA not included)

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As we have seen, las professional vacuum packaging machines and film wrappers are the most efficient and safe way to prolong the preservation of food freshness in meat industries, supermarkets, butchers, fishmongers, catering, and any business that handles food while saving costs.

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