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Do you need ear protection to do your job? Do you know your options for noise reduction?
To avoid injuries to your ears, work safely and follow the regulations established for hearing protection at work, from Reysan we offer you a wide range of safety earmuffs. Discover them!

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Hearing protection at work: Types

These Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are used in spaces where noise is damaging or constant, and can cause discomfort and even damage to the ears. Earmuffs are used as noise protection devices in industry, in chemical and pharmaceutical factories, in the automotive industry and in places such as airports or construction sites.

For each environment and characteristic there is a different need. Needs that from Reysan we try to cover with our selection of safety earmuffs, mostly hearing protection items Peltor brand. These are some of the types you will find:

  • Cup hearing protectors

    Cup type hearing protectors are the most common. These safety earmuffs feature a bridge that connects the devices in both ears for complete comfort and support. Depending on the degree of protection you need, you have several options of hearing protection helmets, in addition, in different colors.

  • Electronic hearing protectors

    Electronic hearing protectors are the most advanced models available. These helmets have a dual function: to protect and to communicate. Thus, these advanced models are based on wireless communication with Bluetooth technology, headphones and microphone. 
    Some earmuffs also have a multi-channel intercom radio and are suitable for work where it is necessary to be in contact with colleagues several metres away and at the same time protect yourself from noise.

  • Helmet earmuffs

    In jobs such as construction, working with machinery or certain factories, the ideal is to combine a pair of earmuffs with a helmet to protect the head. For this purpose, we have Peltor Optime earmuffs which are attached to the helmet.

  • Facial and hearing protection

    Is it possible to combine face protection with hearing protection? Peltor and 3M make this possible thanks to products such as the forest helmet with earmuffs and screen or the 3M harness that allows you to combine 3M protection products such as screens, passive or communication earmuffs, as well as integrated eye protection.

  • Foldable anti-noise helmets

    Many times at work, harmful and annoying noises are not constant or only occur in one area of the facilities. This means that hearing protection helmets have to be moved and worn at all times, so that they can be worn when necessary. 
    The most practical solution in these cases is to opt for foldable earmuffs, which can also be selected according to the desired level of insulation.

Peltor (3M) earmuff distributors in Spain

For the protection of your ears we only rely on the best brands. Reysan is the distributor of the Peltor (3M) brand in Spain, putting at your fingertips its articles developed with advanced technology and long tested to offer the protection and noise reduction you need for each type of work.

If you have any questions with your order, do not hesitate to contact us, we are specialists in Individual Protection Systems - protect yourself properly in your workplace!

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