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We are known for the nation wide sale and distribution of Dunlop Boots. In our range we offer you the best range of Dunlop safety footwear. If you are looking for protection of your feet, then Dunlop boots are your best choice.
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Safety shoes for agriculture and industry

There are a large number of sectors in which workers are exposed to hazards such as blows, cuts, slips or leaks in work clothes. One of the safest and simplest preventive measures to reduce the impact of possible accidents is to buy safety footwear for workers.

However, not just any type of footwear is good enough. For this reason, Reysan offers several models of Dunlop safety boots, which can be used for various sectors such as agriculture, fishing, food industry and industry in general.

Safety footwear for various jobs

In our catalogue we have a great variety of safety footwear, depending on the work that is done. Safety, hygiene and comfort come together in a pair of boots.

In this section you will find a wide variety of wading boots for agricultural work, safety shoes that meet the specific needs of food industry users, boots for firefighters and approach zone workers and boots that help keep feet warm and dry when working at low temperatures.

Dunlop boots can be an important protection tool against impacts, penetrations, slips, acids, oils, animal fats and other hazards.

Comfort and comfort in your feet

The working day can be long, so it is essential to wear safety footwear that not only protects us from accidents that may arise, but is comfortable and does not cause discomfort due to continued use.

Our Dunlop range of safety boots is designed with quality materials and the most advanced techniques on the market to offer maximum comfort.

Going from one side to the other with boots that adapt perfectly to our feet and that offer us comfort and adaptation to our feet will make us develop our work without having to worry about the footwear we wear again.

Waterproof rubber boots

Rubber boots are a necessary complement to any industry. The rubber material is very resistant and waterproof, whose main characteristic is its elasticity and resistance to liquids and some acids.

Safety is fundamental within the industries, which makes rubber boots ideal to protect the worker in a comfortable way. Besides, their life time is quite long, so you will be able to enjoy them for a long time.

At Reysan we have white rubber boots among many other colours that will protect the feet of any industrial worker.

The perfect pack

Complement your work clothes such as fishing clothes with waterproof clothing to be insulated and protected from rain or moisture like good quality water suits, construction site water boots.

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