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Disinfection of knives

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Disinfection of knives

Sterilization of knives is basic, fundamental and compulsory in the food industry. The risk of contamination is high and in order to avoid the problems caused by the presence of dangerous microorganisms it is necessary to have knife sterilizers.

It is therefore mandatory that these systems are present in slaughterhouses, supermarkets, bakeries and any place where the treatment and processing of food takes place.

At Reysan we continue to expand and update our products aimed at the correct sterilization of knives with machinery based on the latest ozone technology, ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) and water sterilizers. The objective? To put an end to bacteria and viruses.

Discover what's new in our knife sterilizers section with our renewed product, the Surey stainless steel sterilizer, which disinfects with UV-C light. The main differences and improvements compared to the previous models are:

  • Better design and aesthetics.
  • Roof curved and not flat to avoid leaving things on top.
  • Reinforced door with stainless steel edge.
  • Inclined supports in the models with support: Increases the capacity of each model and variation of knives possible to place.

You will be able to adapt this new product to your needs since you can choose its capacity of 12, 20 and 40 knives. Thanks to its supports of inclined grid or a magnetic bar. The sterilization process lasts for 2 hours, during which a light indicator informs about the progress of the process.

The importance of knife sterilization

Food hygiene regulations are very strict. All measures are few and far between when it comes to cross-contamination, i.e. the transmission of micro-organisms from one contaminated food to another.

This transfer not only occurs by direct contact, but can also be made through surfaces and other materials that come into contact with both parts. This group includes knives, sharpeners, which must be disinfected continuously to avoid being a source of contamination.

What types of knife sterilizers are there?

  • UV-C: this is a totally bactericidal, antiviral and germicidal technique.
  • Ozone A: Ozone acts on biological constituents, bacteria, fungi and viruses.
  • For water: equipment with heaters so that the water reaches an adjustable temperature up to 90º C.

And, above all, when choosing a sterilizer for the food industry, remember that you must have the certificates established by the regulations for food safety.

You can count on us for food safety! If you need to equip your workplace or renew sterilization equipment, do not hesitate to contact our team for advice on the different options in disinfection of utensils for the food industry.


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