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Waterproof and breathable clothing

Discover our wide range of specialized workwear

Waterproof and breathable clothing

Do you already know our waterproof clothing section? In Reysan we put at your disposal different clothes for the protection against rain, humidity or external agents. They are dungarees, trousers, rain suits, sleeves, overalls and many more!

Discover our waterproof and breathable clothing

At Reysan  we specialize in workwear, so we have a catalogue especially selected for work carried out outdoors and under adverse weather conditions, such as rain, snow or humidity.

The characteristics of waterproof clothing

As far as waterproof clothing for work is concerned, you should opt for a good garment, since many times the worker will wear this clothing for hours and it will be his main protection against bad weather.

For this, we recommend garments that are flexible, elastic, comfortable and light, like our waterproof jackets, which also allow for silent work. We also have economic garments that are sold in lots, very useful to have in the warehouse and to use outside in case of rain.

Clothing with different degrees of waterproofing

In our catalogue we try to offer you garments with different degrees of waterproofing, that is to say, different resistance to moisture passing through a fabric.

The importance of breathability

If the waterproof clothing requires continuous use and activity, it is very convenient that it is also breathable, since it is necessary to expel the humidity caused mainly by sweat. In this way, the worker remains dry.

Protection in different parts of the body

In our selection you will also find waterproof garments for different parts of the body: from our food-safe sleeves that only cover the arms to complete overalls. It is important to analyse first which parts are most exposed and what kind of protection you will need.

Washable waterproof clothing

If the waterproof clothing is of good quality, it will maintain all its characteristics even after frequent washing. However, there are some special conditions to be taken into account when waterproof clothes.

Complements to waterproof clothing

This type of clothing is usually combined with protection also for the feet, thanks to the so-called waterproof boots, essential waterproof footwear for workers who need to be insulated from rain or humidity. This part of the body is one of the most exposed, so it is important to also maintain comfort and safety through footwear.

Chemical protective clothing

We also want to highlight a type of workwear we consider important for protection at work. This is chemical protection clothing.

It is logical to think at times that wearing waterproof clothing may be sufficient to protect us from any type of splashes and contact with liquids. However, this thought can be a serious mistake when it comes to chemicals. In working environments where certain corrosive products may be handled, and therefore there is a danger of splashes, it is necessary to have specialised and certified clothing. That guarantees protection against chemicals in various concentrations of purity. Therefore, in Reysan we also have a specialized section of chemical protection clothing.

Do you have any doubts about our waterproof and chemical protection products? Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can assist you and advise you on your purchase.

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