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Profile Compact systems provide a compact and reliable metal detection solution for the inspection of packaged products.

The model S30 is ideal for the inspection of a wide range of packages and offers an efficient "stop in case of detection" function.

Inspection flexibility and compliance with external regulations and industry standards are enhanced by optional extras such as warning beacons/alarms and wheels for full mobility.

Measurements see photos.

Profile Compact S30-1 Specifications

Metal Detector Profile Compact
Monofrequency or bifrequency
RS232 serial interface 
Detector/Work Environment Finish Type Silver Paint
Stainless steel (AISI 304) sandblasted
IP65: Dry and clean applications.
IP65: Wet applications.
Type of rejection Stop on detection
Line height
Self-levelling feet
750, 850, 950 mm nominal (+-50 mm)
750, 850, 950 mm nominal  (fijas)
Finishing of the structure AISI 304 stainless steel.
Belt width 225, 325 o 400 mm.
Tape type Polyurethane for food use
Belt speed 10,15, 20, 30, 45 o 60 m/min.
Roller diameter Inlet diameter 60 mm, and outlet 80 mm.
Control/rejection side Can be mounted left or right.
Power Requirements Three-phase 230/400 V CA +/-10% 50Hz.
Environmental conditions
Painted finish
Stainless steel finish
Operating between -10ºC and +45ºC, storage between -10ºC and +50ºC.

Profile Compact S30-1 Application Information

  • Typical applications: Light and individual packages with a light or medium weight.
  • Maximum belt weight: 9 kg.
  • Maximum package height: Opening height: 50 mm.


  • Single-phase 230 V AC +/-5% 50 Hz.
  • Single-phase 110 V AC +/-5% 50 Hz.
  • Fixed height wheels.
  • Reset with key switch.
  • Reset with pushbutton and audible alarm.
  • Reset with key switch and audible alarm.
  • Reset with pushbutton and audible alarm / beacon with column.
  • Reset with key switch and audible/balise alarm with column.
  • Adjustable input product guides.
  • Input product transport plate.
  • Outgoing product transport plate.

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