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Find here the best work clothes for welders. In Reysan we try to combine a price adjusted to the quality and level of protection required in a job like welding. We offer you jackets, welding suits, hoods and sleeves to protect your body from the small particles of molten metal.

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Reysan: choose from the best clothes for welders

When it comes to job security, don't skimp on the media. In the case of welders, who are continually exposed to heat and molten metal, all necessary measures must be taken to ensure that no occupational accident occurs. These are the most common types of welder's clothing found in our online shop:

  • Welder's jacket: for the protection of the trunk and arms.
  • Welder's apron: trunk protection.
  • Welder's overalls: protection for the whole lower part of the body and the chest. The coverall has numerous pockets to store the tools.
  • Sleeves: to safeguard safety from the arm to the shoulder.
  • Hood: also known as beard cover, highly recommended in welding work.

The necessary protection for welding

Our welder's workwear is designed to protect against small projections of molten metal, but should not be worn at extreme temperatures and in contact with chemical agents.

To avoid these welding splashes, our garments are made of materials such as split cowhide, Kevlar (highly resistant) or Bizweld (ideal for professionals exposed to heat).

If you have any doubts about your welder's uniform, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can advise you on your choice.

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