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In this section you will find everything in signalling tapes: from adhesive pavement tapes, beacon tapes, anti-slip tapes, customised signalling tapes with messages to the classic polypropylene adhesive tape in different widths and the American tape.
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Types of adhesive and signalling tapes

Take a look at each of the sheets to see the wide range of adhesive articles available. Here is an overview:

  • Adhesive tape for floor signs

    Tape for marking floors and pavements, suitable for permanent applications.

  • Marking tape

    Classic yellow/black adhesive tape

  • Duct tape

    This adhesive, which is often used for fixing films, sealing pipes and fixing and sealing, could not be missing.

  • Anti-slip protection tape

    With solutions such as the Safety Walk, ideal protection is provided to prevent accidents. It reduces falls and slips, and is used especially on surfaces in industrial areas or factories.

  • Adhesive tape for packaging

    Printed adhesive tape suitable for all types of manual and automatic packaging. Available in transparent or different colours.

  • Silicone tape

    Pressure applied without adhesives, it is indicated for protection and insulation.

  • Detectable tape

    Perfect for the food industry as it is detectable and visible by X-ray.

  • Message tapes

We have personalised tapes with messages such as "very fragile" adhesive tape or "no trespassing" tape.

Beyond signalling tapes: other barriers

Finally, we offer you a series of elements to restrict the passage or delimit an area without the need to place a tape. These include mobile barriers for cleaning work or traffic cones, among others.

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