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Keeping feet clean and dry is essential for safety and for comfort at work. Get it at last with our selection of socks and insoles for work, for daily use or for situations that require special equipment, such as exposure to cold or fire or protection against electric shock.

Let your feet stop suffering with the best antiperspirant materials and designed to combine resistance and comfort. Discover our socks and insoles!

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Work socks and protective socks

Each profession requires a different type of socks. Therefore, in this section you will find several models of stockings selected for use mainly in work in adverse conditions.

  • Polar socks

    Cold is the main enemy of many jobs. Entrances and exits to the cold store, chain work at low temperatures, outside hours... For these situations, we recommend polar socks, warm and suitable for extreme conditions.

  • Protective socks

    The protection of the socks is added to that of the footwear to try to reduce to the maximum the labour risks. With this intention, we have several types of protection socks:

    • Protection against electrostatic discharge: special ESD sock.
    • Fire protection sock: for firefighters and people working in contact with the risks associated with fire.
    • Socks adapted to safety boots.

  • Single-use socks

    These single-use socks are available in packs of 50 and in white, black and beige. Ideal for shoe shops and factory visits where special footwear is required for visitors.

  • Special socks

    Other types of special socks include anti-fatigue socks for prolonged sitting or standing, socks for Dunlop water boots or socks for rapid evacuation of perspiration.

  • Boots covers

    To increase comfort and insulation when wearing boots, we recommend sleeves, acrylic socks that allow boots to be worn all year round.

Insoles to protect your feet at work

Improve the comfort of your boots and work footwear with insoles. We have conventional and cut-out models, special insoles to combat odour and several models for cold weather. For low temperatures we recommend thermal insoles or heated insoles for extreme cold.

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