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Nitrile gloves for chemical protection

Showa gloves

Chemicals and abrasive detergents are used in many industries on a daily basis, putting the health of workers and especially their hands at risk.

Although chemical injuries are common in jobs where chemicals are manufactured, they also occur in other sectors such as construction, oil, gas, health care, warehouse management, transportation, welding and many other industries.

Having the best equipment to protect hand exposure to chemicals is key for workers to feel safe when performing their jobs and to improve their performance.

Below, we will explain how to know if you are using the right glove and which are the best nitrile gloves for chemical protection. .

How do I know if I am using the perfect glove?

Choosing the right glove to protect against chemical aggressions is a complicated task for occupational health and safety managers. The choice is based on several criteria such as the specific chemical, the immersion time, the splash protection or the intensity at which the hands are exposed.

The signs of degradation of a glove are unmistakable, i.e. the glove material attacked by a chemical shows changes in color, shape and flexibility. Therefore, if we do not choose the right glove before performing the tasks, burns or lesions will appear in a matter of hours on the skin of our workers.

Therefore, being informed before acquiring chemical protection gloves will allow us to avoid injuries to our workers. To this end, we are going to talk about one of the best protective gloves currently available on the market.

Showa gloves. The most efficient solution.

Showa is a company dedicated to the manufacture of articles for hand protection, where it stands out for its work protection gloves. It works with the latest technological advances to maintain a high degree of protection and innovation for the hands.

They carry out all possible resistance tests in real working environments to guarantee that their gloves have no defects. They are ISO 9001 certified worldwide and are the best choice to protect our hands against chemicals.

Safety concerns are evolving in the same way that safety regulations are becoming more and more demanding, so implementing new technologies and procedures in gloves will provide greater protection and more comfort when performing any job.


The CS700 protective glove features anti-slip technology that offers exceptional grip on ice and increased sensitivity to touch. It also ensures protection against chemicals and protects workers against harmful substances. Length 300 mm and thickness of 1.16 mm.

They are comfortable and offer a seamless design to protect the skin at all times. Ideal for use in food processing, commercial fishing, chemicals, petrochemicals and handling cold parts that are on ice.


The CS701 food safety glove is designed with precision. in mind. Its rough, non-slip surface offers workers exceptional grip even on ice and increased performance. It is coated with a double nitrile coating that offers complete chemical protection as well as high strength and durability to ensure maximum safety at all times. It has a long cuff to protect the forearm even better, 350 mm long and 1.16 mm thick.

Its liner has a latex-free composition to avoid damaging the skin and provide maximum comfort at all times. Showa CS701 gloves are designed for use in food processing, chemicals, construction, petrochemicals, painting, handling greasy parts and in the maritime sector.


The Showa CS720 protective glove is completely coated with nitrile, making it light, elastic and resistant to deformation. Its main feature is that it is highly resistant to chemical substances and has an additional reinforcement on the forearm.

It offers an effective and solid grip thanks to its rough finish and protects against oils, hydrocarbons, grease and abrasions. It is waterproof for wet or greasy work environments and its design is comfortable, facilitating movement and continuous use. Length 300-320 mm. Thickness 1.23 mm.

Showa CS720 gloves are ideal for food processing, commercial fishing, agriculture, chemical, petrochemical and painting.


Showa CS721 chemical resistant gloves protect workers from hazardous substances. Their main advantage is a longer forearm for added safety and a nitrile palm with a roughened finish to provide a better grip. Length 350 mm. Thickness 1.23 mm.

Thanks to its inner liner it eliminates perspiration to avoid slipping and discomfort in addition to being a resistant and durable glove that also protects from oil and dust.

Like the Showa CS720 gloves, they are ideal for food processing, commercial fishing, agriculture, chemicals, petrochemicals and painting.

As we have seen, Showa gloves are the most efficient way to protect our hands from chemicals, cold and other harmful substances. They allow us to work for a long time thanks to their comfort and safety, avoiding injuries and burns at all times.

If you have any questions about our protective gloves or any of our other products, our team of experts will be able to advise you on your online purchase.

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