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Sale of work clothes online

Uniforms, protective clothing and work equipment at a click

Sale of work clothes online

Workwear is one of the requirements present in sectors such as construction, hospitality, food or health. Until a few years ago, equipping the company with the appropriate work uniforms meant having to travel to a physical store to make the order and come back to pick it up, on many occasions.

To facilitate this task for both companies and individuals, Reysan embarked on the project of distributing work clothes through our online store, where we make available all kinds of cheap work uniforms or always looking for the lowest possible price. 

But work clothes are not our only speciality. In our e-commerce you will find safety footwear, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), industrial furniture or everything you need for industry.

Thousands of products within reach of a few "clicks" thanks to our commitment to buying workwear online. Although our business project began in 1996, it was in 2008 when we launched the online sale of workwear, overturning the catalogue we have in the factory to make the information much more accessible.

What workwear do we offer? PPE and labour protection

The legislation relating to the Prevention of Occupational Risks is clear as to the guarantees and responsibilities for establishing an adequate level of protection of workers' health against the risks arising from working conditions. Thus, it is the employer who is responsible for identifying the risks, choosing and providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and training and informing workers about their correct employment.

Protection at work means much more than work clothes and uniforms. It also includes a wide range of head protection devices, eye, face, ear or respiratory protection, protective gloves and safety shoes and boots.

What distinguishes Reysan in the sale of protective clothing and PPE is that we have all the necessary equipment to protect from head to toe without leaving our website. And if you can't find any item, we offer our advice because we may be able to offer you what you're looking for. 

The advantages of buying workwear online

If, as an entrepreneur, you have to equip your company with workwear for a specific sector, we are sure that we can help you - here are some of the advantages of buying work uniforms online!

  • Wide range of products

    In total more than 5.000 products in stock. In Reysan we have our own production as well as clothes and footwear of other brands. Thus, we guarantee a wide selection of products to cover a specific need, for example, the protection of the head with many models of helmets or the protection of the feet with various brands or with Reysan's own, Surey range.

  • Competitive prices

    Thanks to our constant research and updating of the catalogue we try to offer you the best prices, always giving priority to quality.

  • Guarantee of quality

    We are ISO 9001 and IF5 Logistics certified, which guarantees the quality of our service. You will also be able to see the homologation in the file of each product.

  • Fast delivery for products in stock

    When the products are in stock we offer an ultra fast delivery of 24/48h. You can also arrange a specific delivery date and track your shipment.

  • Personalised advice

    And finally, we differentiate ourselves by our personalized advice in choosing the solution that best suits the needs of your business.

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