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Reysan Black Friday campaign

When is Black Friday at Reysan? What kind of offers and discounts will I find? Discover our most irresistible bargains and prices.

Reysan Black Friday campaign

Black Friday week has arrived at Reysan with the best discounts on your favorite brands and products. Browse our website and discover our bargains and the most irresistible prices.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is an annual event full of great deals and discounts that usually takes place on the last Friday of November, although the campaign is extended for a few days, marking the beginning of Christmas shopping.

It seems to have its origin in Philadelphia (United States). The police used this term to refer to the day after Thanksgiving dinner. The city collapsed due to the large number of people and traffic, triggering an increase in robberies and riots.

However, the establishments saw a business opportunity in this traffic, staying open despite it being a holiday. They took advantage of this to sell everything they had left in stock at lower prices than usual.

Over time, this practice spread throughout the country under the name Black Friday, eventually reaching the rest of the world.

What kind of offers and discounts will I find on Reysan's Black Friday?

One more year we have available our famous Black Friday. Take advantage of this week from November 22nd to 30th, to benefit from a 10% discount on our entire website!

In addition, shipping costs are totally free for Spain (peninsula). Find everything you need in disposable clothing, work protection equipment, safety footwear or any other product that your company needs at the best price.

Reysan Black Friday featured products

Tundra boot

The Tundra Plus S4 polyurethane boot is ideal for a wide range of work environments, especially in the food, agricultural, livestock, chemical and maritime industries. They are lighter than PVC boots and provide great comfort and protection against contact with hydrocarbons, petroleum, fuel and oils. The sole has a triple polyurethane insert for high abrasion resistance.

36,15 € / u.  32,54 € / u. (VAT not included)

Red Eco Rolling Base

If we want to work efficiently and comfortably, the Red Eco Rolling Base is the ideal instrument for moving products. It is really stable and has a load capacity of 250 kg. Its light rolling wheels make it easy to transport the containers. It measures 62 x 42 cm and is essential for meat industries, supermarkets, stores and warehouses. Ideal for 60 x 40 cm bins.

35,65 € / u.  32,09 € / u. (VAT not included)

Sharp Easy Yellow Sharpener

Knives in any meat, fish or food industry lose their cutting capacity as they are used. It is very important to have a sharpener that is convenient and available at all times. The Sharp Easy Yellow sharpener includes a support to fix it next to the work station, so we can always have the knife blade sharpened and ready as if it were a new one.

69,75 € / u.  62,78 € / u. (VAT not included)

Showa 7502 disposable and biodegradable gloves

Showa 7502 gloves are made of nitrile, a synthetic rubber that does not contain latex to avoid possible allergic reactions. They are very flexible and resistant to friction, wear and puncture. They are also biodegradable and feature Eco Best Technology® (EBT), making them the most environmentally friendly option.

23,90 € / pack de 200 u.  21,51 € / pack de 200 u. (VAT not included)

Film wrapping machine vail-460

Film wrapping is one of the most popular methods of food preservation and freezing due to its extraordinary food preservation properties. The Vail-460 film wrapper guarantees maximum protection of the food, preventing it from coming into contact with external agents that could alter its properties. It has a power consumption of 200W.

179,35 € / u.  161,42 € / u. (VAT not included)

Do not miss the opportunity to buy during our Reysan Black Friday, incredible prices and discounts. In case you have any doubt about which product is the most suitable for your company or shipments, our team of experts will advise you at all times in your online purchase.

Terms and conditions:

  • Campaign valid until end of stock.

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